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The Amnesia Closing Marathon 2017
21st October 2017 0 comments

Everyone knows you need stamina to complete a marathon. Luckily enough for those who attended the legendary Amnesia closing party, attendees were happy enough to dance over the finish line, without wanting the night to end. This year, the venue has invited fans to join it under the banner ‘making history since 1974’, four decades later, the same still stands. The Clubbers App team definitely partied a little longer than they should have, but don’t regret a thing.

This closing party holds a special place in visitors’ hearts, as the event is a must-go for any closing party calendar. The walk down to the venue is a party itself, filled with colour, music, friends and an atmosphere that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what’s in store. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a pop-up market, helping create a infectious carnival vibe and even more excitement for the night (and day) ahead.

Amazing Visuals for the Amnesia Closing
Amazing Visuals for the Amnesia Closing

On the 14th October, a warm Saturday evening saw the final instalment of what had been an incredible season for Amnesia from residents like Cocoon, Together, Hyte, Cream, Music On and Elrow. Amnesia didn’t disappoint with a final line up that saw some of Ibiza’s most influential names grace the decks: Lee Burridge, Blond:ish, Damian Lazarus, Eats Everything, Mar-T, Ilario Alicante and Better Lost Than Stupid, a collaboration between Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann and Martin Buttrich.

The atmosphere outside the venue was reaching fever-pitch before we headed inside for the crowds grand entrance into the space. The excitement was tangible, as the air buzzed with anticipation for what incredible talent we were about to see. Both rooms were seemingly at an instant peak, which didn’t even begin to show signs of waning. Everyone was going to see this marathon through.

Every corner you turned revealed the magic of Amnesia, with both rooms being steered by international superstars at all times – the beats were fresh and the bass was heavy. It’s hard for the Clubbers App team to pick a favourite moment as everything was incredible. If we were going to pick a stand-out, it would be Eats Everything and Mar-T tearing up the B2B. Each brought their own inimitable flavour to proceedings, but seemed to harmonise throughout, creating a moment in time that anyone who was there will remember for years to come. The duo absolutely entranced the Terrace, and many (like us) stayed firmly on the spot for the rest of the incredible artists that shared their talent. This included the incredible Ilario Alicante who showed us precisely why he had been one of Ibiza’s favourite Coocon DJs this season.

Sun coming up at Amnesia Closing Party 2017
Sun coming up at Amnesia Closing Party 2017

We know we’ll never forget the closing spectacle of Davide Squillace, Matthias Tanzmann and Martin Buttrich. The trio created a mesmerising sensory experience that coupled with the morning sun beaming down through the glass ceiling. The warmth and infectious vibe of this year’s Amnesia closing party has left us sad to say goodbye, but eager to see what could possibly top 2017.

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