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The Best Adventure Activities on Ibiza
25th August 2019 0 comments

Beyond the bustle of Ibiza’s extraordinary nightlife, adventure seekers are well catered for with a plethora of activity on tap. A multitude of thrills await along the island’s stunning landscape where an endless array of beaches come together to form the perfect base for exciting affairs. Whether you’re looking to fill a lazy holiday with an adrenaline-pumping day out or are a family or group looking to team together, there’s an option for everyone. For a small island, it certainly packs a punch, read on to discover all the ways you can catch a slice of the action.

Water Sports

Sea-based activities are Ibiza’s bread and butter. Across the touristic coastal towns, you’ll find brightly coloured props and signs on the beaches advertising a host of activities. You’ll find kayaking and paddle boarding up in the north along areas such as Benirras and Port San Miguel where you can also hire a guide to show you around. This makes the ideal option for taking in the natural beauty of Ibiza while still keeping active. San Antonio has the widest offering of water sports along its expansive promenade. From jet-skis to water-skis, banana-boats and other funky inventions for zipping through the waters – Twister jet boat anyone? – it can all be found through the wooden ticket huts by the beach.

Scuba Diving

Continuing the aquatic theme, another way to get involved without so much of a blood-pumping kick is scuba diving. This activity is popular all year round and many centres offering guided dives can be found. There are several certified centres that provide courses and qualifications for those looking to add a skill to their toolbelt, too. A marine nature reserve on the western side of the island, Cala D’Hort, is a great option for taking in some impressive marine life. If you’re an experienced diver then the Med’s biggest shipwreck – the Don Pedro – is a sure spot to stick onto the itinerary.


Ibiza boasts some impressive natural backdrops which have to be seen to be believed. The island is ideal for a walking holiday with the abundant trials waiting to be discovered and there are professionals in-land who can show you around. Walking Ibiza is the most notable company who have every type of walk on their books. From secret beaches to sky-high mountain-top views, traverse cliffs for a more adventurous experience or choose a leisurely stroll through lush forests and countryside. Guaranteed to refresh the body and soul, a trek by foot is also a way to discover the island’s wild fauna and rosemary that grows out in the hills. Guidebooks can be found online outlining some exciting mystery routes.

Horse Riding

If you’re eager to take in Ibiza’s countryside but would rather the weight off your feet then look no further than a daytime horse ride. There are several riding schools situated from the centre of the island and upwards with experienced instructors that come with well-cared for horses. It’s an ideal activity for the kids and family and is popular with groups. Take a ride through the valleys of Ibiza and across the beaches where you can sit back and take in the magical sights. The ultimate way to go? A sunset tour. Lessons can also be booked at the majority of stables.

For more on activities on Ibiza, make sure to check back regularly as we run through all the ways to take in the island’s offerings.