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The Ultimate Guide on Where to Shop In Ibiza
17th February 2020 0 comments

For an island that’s smaller than most, when it comes to shopping, Ibiza doesn’t disappoint. Bursting at the seams with its offering of day – and night-time – boutiques, luxury and everyday stores, there’s something for every budget and across every district. While you won’t find oversized, buzzy commercial centres, the White Isle instead invites visitors to meander through its cobbled walkways and sea-side hubs in the pursuit of the ultimate keepsake. All year around, you can be sure to find those trusted essentials at the prices you’d expect to the more opulent buys. Read on for our retail rundown of Ibiza!

For those after a more typically European shopping experience, the go-to destination has to be Ibiza Town. In between the more recognised chain-outlets – concentrated to the Spanish labels a la Zara, Mango and Bershka – you’ll discover a conveniently focused zone of colourful boutiques boasting their funky wares. While you will run into fanciful shops that often serve the island’s glitterati – Annie’s Ibiza for example – there’s plenty of imaginative, concept stores with pieces that can be found at a price that’ll surprise you, think Ruta Ibiza.

On the West-coast, San Antonio keeps its vibrant flock well catered to with a medley of fun and colourful shops. You’ll find favourite club-brands where you can pick up a token keepsake or two while for those much-needed travel or daily essentials, you can find it all at trusted La Sirena whose signature shopfront dipped in bright red is the signal to look out for. From towels, perfumes and suncreams to toys and fashion, the store is a local chain that runs across the island, in fact. Generally across San Antonio you’ll find the more affordably-priced shops with all of the nick-nacks you could want.

Sluiz Store ibiza

And, it’s not just the municipalities that lay open their goods. More often than not, along the dusty highways and roads, you’ll find sometimes rickety, sometimes smart, retailers punting their wares. The roadside store Sluiz is a prime example of something you just won’t find back at home, yet is a treasure-trove for the more serious shoppers among us. On the way to Santa Gertrudis look out for a smattering of plastic cows that lead up to this Dutch concept store, where you can find humorous homewear and designer garments. The town itself is a haven for more grown-up shopping and trinket-hunting. Favourite boutiques among locals include men’s pitstop Baron and the brightly-painted dresses of The Rose Shop and Gallery.

Most famous for its bustling markets, Santa Eulalia is sometimes overlooked for its day-to-day menu of retailers. The family town that turns sleepy in the winter months has on tap artisanal, leather-goods stores and, handily, a good selection of proper shoe shops. Opticians and chemists are also readily found here – as well as the other larger towns – where sunglasses and prescriptions can all be picked up on the way to the beach. For those who enjoy natural healthcare and products, there are several supermarkets here, too, that offer organic skincare, supplements and nutrition.

Dolce and Gabanna store Ibiza

What Ibiza does so well is bring together the contrasts and extremes. In the retail sense, it wouldn’t be complete without mention of the luxury worlds that can also be found in-land. You can go from market-stall chic to decadent-glam in a matter of a few steps yet for a truly exclusive experience, look no further than Marina Botafoch. You can find more on our rundown of this illustrious hotspot on the Discover website, though serious designer-lovers need look no further with D&G and Dior as just a couple of coveted names.