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The Ultimate Ibiza ‘Bucket’ List
31st August 2015 0 comments
  1. Applaude the setting of the Sun

Nowhere on earth is the setting of the sun more celebrated than on the coast of Ibiza. Maybe it’s because the sun going down marks the start of a night of a thousand memories, with all the parties and clubs coming to life. Maybe it’s because it is a chance to cool down after a full day laying in the sunshine….who knows, but one thing we do know is that without fail, every night that you are there, there will be people crowded onto the far end of San Antonio bay.

Sunset over es vedra ibiza
Sunset over Es Vedra ibiza

Facing this is Ibiza icons Café Del Mar, Café Mambo and Savannah, all of which serve food (be warned, without a booking at sundown it is highly unlikely you will get sat) and cocktails so turn up early, get yourself a mojito and get comfy!

  1. Wander through Old Ibiza

The beauty of Old Ibiza is sometime overlooked for the party scene on the island but we promise if that taking a stroll before you go dancing or take a night off from it all and you will not be disappointed.

The old walled city of Dalt Vila is lit up at night and is majestic and breath taking, with cafes and bars open way past midnight that you can sit at and take it all in.

Wander down to the port and watch the lights twinkle off the water and the yachts and boats bobbing around and we guarantee that you will never feel more serene.


  1. Feel the vibes at the Hippie Market

The hippie market just outside Es Cana is word famous and for good reason, with stalls lining the hillside selling all manner of hand made trinkets including leather items such as jackets and bracelets to bongs, necklaces and more. This is a great place to relax, get some retail therapy and to even pick up some gifts for friends and family back home.

  1. See the landmarks

If seeing natural landmarks isn’t really your thing or if you love nothing more than to be humbled by nature, whilst you are on the island, make sure that you go see the 400 metre high rock of Es Vedra.

It is so special to Ibiza that it is its own nature reserve and even sitting 3km off the coast, you feel dwarfed by its sheer size. Impressive in the day, sure; but to truly be amazed by this wonder, come down at sunset and be prepared to say ‘wow’…..a lot.

  1. Dance till Dawn

There is no denying that if you have come to Ibiza, you are probably interested in dancing and their club scene; there is a reason it has held the title of the clubbing capital of the world for over 20 years!

We feel as if we don’t need to tell you that island veterans like Pacha and Privilege should be on your list of clubs to get tickets for, however just to be sure, Amnesia, Pacha, Privilege, Ushuaia and Café Mambo ALL need to be seen to be believed. Discover all the latest events with our Ibiza Party Calendar

  1. Taste traditional Ibiza

With any island, especially in the Med, seafood is going to be fresh, fresh, fresh and totally delicious. The paella here is to die for and is cooked to traditional Spanish recipes. It can contain rabbit, so if game isn’t for you, check the menu before you order, although usually it is the standard chicken, chorizo and seafood mix with delicious yellow saffron rice and vegetables.

  1. Get Muddy

Go to Ibizas sister island, El Palmador and experience the relaxation of getting dirty to get clean in one of their mud baths. You will leave feeling like you have brand new skin and ready to hit the town again!

  1. ‘A’ve it large’ at Bora Bora beach

Bora Bora beach club is probably one of the most filmed and talked about beaches on the island, with most of ‘Kevin and Perry Go Large’ being filmed on its golden sands. Located in Playa D’en Bossa, there are many reasons to come here, with great food, great bars and even better music to get immersed in.

There is never a dull moment here and if you enjoy making friends with strangers, well, let’s just say you will have you pick as this is a beach that is rarely empty!

  1. Dance to the beat of a different Drum

Benirras beach near Port de San Miguel will bring out the inner hippie in you maannnn. Sunset here means drums and bongos and live music for you to stomp away to and be at one with the beach and the people. Very chilled, very zen and just what you need to re-balance.

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