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Atlantis Beach Atlantis Beach

Atlantis Beach

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Looking unlike any other coastline on earth, Atlantis Beach’s mesmeric and unique rock formations make it an absolute must visit for tourists and serious beach dwellers.

This one-of-a-kind hotspot boasts a range of awe-inspiring rock and stone artworks along the beach and cliffside. With detailed inscriptions dating back centuries, ancient storytelling carvings and colourful and contemporary graffiti works, Atlantis beach has to be one of the most interesting natural art galleries on earth.

This old quarry was the source of the natural materials that were used to create the island’s majestic stone buildings, now known as the shorthand for traditional Balearic architecture. The labyrinth of rock formations, caves, stones, rock pools and boulders has become a beacon for adventurers, climbers and boulderers from the world over, seeking to test themselves against this breath-taking landscape. During the summer months, reaching the summit becomes increasingly challenging against the island’s humidity and heat. However, the birds’-eye view across the stunning panorama of the Mediterranean Sea, and ample opportunity to bask on the flat stones, make the attraction of Atlantis Beach obvious to all.

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