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Es Vedrà Es Vedrà

Es Vedrà

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The most mysterious and majestic island of Ibiza, Es Vedra is surrounded by history and legend.

Standing at 400 metres high, this island made mostly of limestone overlooks the west coast of Ibiza, at Cala d’Hort and is known for its ability to affect navigational machinery due to its high level of magnetic activity; some even claim it is the world’s third most magnetic position!

There certainly is something magical about Es Vedra, no matter what your beliefs and many people flock here year on year to see its beauty and feel its force.

Many believe it to be linked with the lost city of Atlantis, with many taking a challenging trek just to see the natural cave of Atlantis, although be warned, the locals will not divulge information readily and this is a closely guarded secret so be prepared to be persistent if you want to see it.

If UFO’s and mystery float your boat, then Es Vedra is definitely one to put on your list. Mysterious lights coming from under the water, reports of space craft’s hovering above it and unidentified objects floating in the water have all added together to keep Es Vedra’s reputation as portal or beacon for the unexplained alive.