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Explore the Abandoned Festival Club Explore the Abandoned Festival Club

Explore the Abandoned Festival Club

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The original Ibiza super club.

A haven for urban explorers and instagram adventurers alike, the abandoned Festival Club lies in the hills above San José. The murals and graffiti that completely cover the walls of the structure are like a secret open-air gallery, tucked away in stunning natural surroundings. Found on the road just past San Agustín (Check our map here for directions), the ruins are a monument to the very first Ibizan super club.

Originally opened in 1972, the large complex included a restaurant, amphitheatre and several dance floors. Hosting music concerts, mock bullfighting, performance entertainment and more, it invented the idea of a large multipurpose discotheque on Ibiza. In the days when bus tours were at their height, coach-loads of international tourist clientele would descend on the venue for endless nights of wining, dining and dancing.

Sadly by 1974 with mounting debts from a poor previous season, the club was forced to close. It was always planned to re-open but unfortunately never quite managed it, so the forces of nature took hold and turned it into the dystopian style playground it is today. In the present day it is a  paint-can paradise which is one of the White Isle’s most unique structures.

When heading out to access this majestic location we advise going with a tour guide or local resident who knows the route and landmark. Whilst you don’t need to be a ninja to visit festival club, we recommend treading carefully around the derelict site if you decide to do it alone.

Hiking groups like Walking Ibiza, often take social walks up to the club from the church in San Agustín. This is a safe and fun way to visit the site, plus you get to meet other Ibiza explorers as well. Whether you team up or go solo, take plenty of snaps and enjoy this man-made Ibizan wonder!