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Las Salinas Natural Park (Ses Salines) Las Salinas Natural Park (Ses Salines)

Las Salinas Natural Park (Ses Salines)

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Proudly sporting UNESCO World Heritage status, Las Salinas is a perfect example of stunning marine and coastal ecosystems existing in harmony. Situated between the main island and Formentera, the salt water channel makes up 75% of the park’s area and is home to the dense Posidonia (seagrass), which grows uniquely in the Mediterranean.

Las Salinas is a well-known and popular tourist destination, attracting thousands of visitors to explore the picturesque landscape of Ibiza and serving as welcome opposition to the island’s more recent neon scenery.

The protected natural park is home to a range of spectacular terrains, from vast salt beds and beautiful secluded beaches to luscious wetlands, remarkable sand dunes and dense forest. Las Salinas has produced salt for export for thousands of years and provides sufficient profit to help safeguard this natural beauty spot; the protective coastal wall of Dalt Vila was funded entirely by the finances generated by the export of salt.

The park’s plentiful wildlife includes the island’s native and migrating birds that call the wetlands their home. Bird watchers and enthusiasts can take advantage of purpose-built hides and viewing platforms to observe this flourishing habitat in action.
With a visitor centre in San Jose, there is opportunity to learn about the ongoing conservation projects in the park, as well as pick up a map to guide you through this island gem.