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Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement

Sa Caleta Phoenician Settlement

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This special location, declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, has an important significance for any visitor to Ibiza as Sa Caleta is contains evidence of the island’s first settlement, dating back well over a millennium.

Originally home to the island’s first settlers, the Phoenicians, the special archaeological site spans over 10 acres and has unearthed ancient clues about the island’s interesting history, with startling metal and ironwork finds as well as clear original layouts of early houses and buildings. Even though archaeological digs did not begin here until the early 1990s, experts have been able to deduce much from the evidence left behind by the island’s original inhabitants. The site’s location, close to the natural salt marshes, appears to have been an important factor, as the harvesting of the natural salt left behind after the pools dried up provided the Phoenicians with a currency for trade.

Even though the island’s first settlers appeared to have abandoned the site in Sa Caleta around the 6th century to inhabit the bay now known as Eivissa, they left their footprint on this part of the island and the treasures under the ground have provided visitors with a unique insight into the surprising birth of Ibiza. Today, visitors can visit the preserved footprint of Sa Caleta and imagine island life as it was thousands of years ago.