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Often referred to as a calling to extra-terrestrial life, or the Ibizan Stonehenge, Time and Space is a thought-provoking art installation created by the world-renowned sculptor Andrew Rogers in 2014.

Located on the cliff edge in the secluded bay of Calla Llentia, Time and Space stands proud against the rocky outcrops and crystal sea, appearing to be rising from the stunning natural surroundings of the coastline and next door to the Doors of Es Vedra artwork.

Time and Space is an impressive sculpture made from imported basalt stone from Turkey; the stones are arranged to represent the solar system, with the central and largest pillar capped in gold to represent the sun. The remaining columns signify the planets moving around the centrepiece and are perfectly placed using the Fibonacci sequence. The sheer size and scale of the artwork makes it impressive any time of day but it seems to emanate extra significance against the dramatic sunsets that are famously visible on this side of the island.

Commissioned by the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, this sculpture is reminiscent of Rogers’ Rhythms of Life series that consists of 16 large stone sculptures almost bursting from the landscapes in which they are placed. Time and Space is well off the beaten track and can be hard to find, making a visit to this impressive sculpture a memorable and worthwhile addition to any trip to the White Isle.