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This season weekends start on Thursday at Heart Ibiza
13th April 2017 0 comments

This summer weekends start on Thursday at Heart Ibiza. The club owned by the Adrià Brothers and Le Cirque du Soleil founder, Guy Lalibertè announces the return of two of their biggest parties of last season: Keep on Dancing and Boogie in Wonderland – Plus, one of their great surprises for 2017: Heart Beat, the new party for Friday nights. With this powerful combination, Heart Ibiza invites music lovers to disconnect for long weekends to dance and have a good time.

Keep on Dancing, the party with good vibe and a groovy house sound, will be back to Heart Ibiza starting on June 22 to create a delightful environment for music lovers. On Thursday nights, Keep on Dancing will offer a colorful experience filled with music, dance, art, live shows, and especially lots of smiles.

 “After 10 years dancing, sharing and getting inspired by the Island, we are very excited about our first  year as residents at Heart Ibiza”, said the party’s promotors, adding: “It is important to keep our past alive and to keep Ibiza as authentic as possible”. On top of that, for this year Keep On Dancing will offer special shows with the help of the girls of  ‘Las Chicas Bonitas’. From disco music to techno, Keep on Dancing is preparing very different shows for this season.

Wally Lopez at Heart Ibiza
Wally Lopez at Heart Ibiza

For Friday nights Heart Ibiza presents one of their biggest introductions for this season: Wally López as a resident DJ. Heart Ibiza’s new party will be so full feeling that will make our hearts beat strong. “Heart Beat will be an authentic tribute to the energy and emotion that music makes us feel”, said Wally López.

After many years living in the Island, the DJ –and his guests- will be residents at Heart Ibiza. 2017 has been a great year for Wally López so far, who admits he is in “one of his best moments of inspiration”. He has become one of the most international artists in the regional electronic music scene after performing on Tokyo, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Ginebra…  also, he performanced at BPM Playa del Carmen (Mexico) and at Miami Music Week last March.

Heart Beat will keep the Island alive every Friday from June 9 until October 6, offering an original mix of music and art, along with new talents and reknown music legends that will join Wally López during the nights at Heart club.

Boogie Wonderland at Heart ibiza
Boogie Wonderland at Heart ibiza

Last but not least, Boogie in Wonderland will have its nights on Saturdays. The New York party that completely changed the rules of the club culture is back to the White Island for the second year in a row. The disco music from the famous Club 54 is back on Heart Ibiza thanks to Boogie in Wonderland, which will host amazing experiences for this season by including pop art, performances, fashion and even cinema in their boogie nights. Starting on June 3, It’s time to Boogie in Wonderland! The party is back!

In words of José Corraliza, Heart Ibiza’s General Manager, “These three parties are based on different concepts, but all of them have the authentic essence and philosophy of Heart Ibiza.

Expect the highest of production, finest cuisine and fabulous nights at Heart this summer! Grab your tickets online or via our APP!