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Ushuaïa Ibiza’s Monumental #NoGoodbye To Summer Closing
9th October 2019 0 comments

For the home of big artists and even bigger pyrotechnics, it was pretty inevitable that their closing would be one for the books. With a line-up featuring star selectors and the event with its own hashtag – #nogoodbye – the tone had been set for the Ushuaïa Ibiza finale. All summer long the open-air stage venue had been taking its hit of world class parties, the speakers non-stop for days on consecutive days. To finish off the marathon? A grandiose team comprising of Joseph Capriati, The Martinez Brothers, The Black Madonna, Andrea Oliva and Agoria among more! Saturday 5th October saw the epic day-to-night extravaganza.

Ushuaïa Ibiza’s Monumental #NoGoodbye To Summer Closing

As we arrived into Playa D’en Bossa on the big day, we were not far from sunset yet with enough time for some sunshine-soaked action. Following the sounds of cheer coming from inside, we filtered our way through the queue to the towering doors of Ushuaïa Ibiza. Hit with a pulsating crowd and energy that was already threatening to raise the proverbial roof, we stood glued to the outskirts of the dancefloor. The Black Madonna, queen of eclectic disco and house, was up and serving out the perfect daytime soundtrack. Her feel-good, funky selections worked in perfect unison with the jubilant air and, little did we know at the time, the calm before the storm. Prior to her performance, Chilean Francisco Allendes and Spanish resident DJ Raúl Rodríguez had put in their shifts – French techno artist Agoria and ANTS kingpin Andrea Oliva, too.

The turnout was monumental. We thought we’d been aching for the moment, as one of our all-time favourite venues, yet we could see folk from all corners of the globe spilling across the colosseum-sized grounds. A swift pull from Berliner Paul Kalkbrenner on next and the giant soundsytems encasing the stage went from pumping cheerful grooves to almighty rockers. A fitting transition as the skies above begun their blackout, the tempo shot-up with the sounds of a tech-house carnival. Impressive bursts of fire shot high into the air to Kalkbrenner’s thrilling and utterly hair-raising drops, surrounding him in hues of orange.

By now the crowd had well and truly been riled up, sensing a greater tsunami of frenzy to come, we left the throbbing dancefloor to the upstairs terrace. As ever, Ushuaïa Ibiza had pulled out every stop possible. From above we witnessed the wide-stretching floor bathe in incredible lightshows and smoke cannons that cloaked every bobbing reveller. To the onslaught of confetti cannons, The Martinez Brothers arrived to take up the penultimate hour. The young spinners absolutely killed it. Their signature blend of rolling grooves and percussive sounds were all for the taking, switching from addictively hot house to triumphant, pounding basslines. They sent a revolution out across the poolside dancefloor, with every hand in the air and a running beat that we couldn’t help but lose ourselves to.

Ushuaïa Ibiza’s Monumental #NoGoodbye To Summer Closing

Together, the duo shook a capacity Ushuaïa Ibiza to new heights. Who else to take a throbbing crowd next and send it out into the ethers? None other than award-winner and trailblazing Joseph Capriati, of course. The Italian superstar had an epic entourage behind him who were cheering as hard as those in front. There was no mistaking his arrival as full-bodied and heady grooves pounded into climactic club sounds. Unrelenting and holding absolutely nothing back, the maestro cemented one moment firmly in our memories with the release of Marshall Jefferson’s classic anthem, ‘Move Your Body’. The track had us all singing along as a flurry of confetti and laser-beams sent the euphoric moment into overdrive. Along with thousands of others, the dramatic shut down of lights at the end had us chanting ‘one more song!’ Bravo, Ushuaïa Ibiza, bravo!