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Wally Lopez Annouces a new Party… Backstage Ibiza
22nd June 2018 0 comments

Last year, BACKSTAGE launched STK Ibiza and over the last year, it has carefully tweaked and refined its ethos to what it is presenting today; a party that wants you to come along and MAKE SOME NOISE!

Throwing away the conventional ideas of what makes an Ibizan party great and slamming us in the face with what they consider the next step in crowd involvement and experience, BACKSTAGE Ibiza showcases the music in a mixing pot of dj, audience and artists all as one.

And as the name suggests, BACKSTAGE IBIZA aims to show us the ins and outs of what happens behind the scenes with amazing shows that will give you a glance of what a real backstage looks like.

Wally Lopez will be in charge of putting the soundtrack to the Tuesdays nights of July and August. The widely known DJ and producer joins BACKSTAGE to make us dance with the best music.

Get ready to be part of the action and truly have your mind blown up the walls!


Wally Lopez Annouces a new Party