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We discover some quieter beaches across Ibiza
20th June 2017 0 comments

It is well known that Ibiza is a busy, popular summer destination.  With millions of people boarding a plane and heading to the White Isle every year, it is easy to see why the beaches and main tourist areas get pretty crowded.  Not to say that that is a bad thing; the atmosphere and buzz of the crowd is one of the great things about Ibiza, however, for the calmer beach seeker, Ibiza has a trove of hidden gems to keep you happy.

We’ve done some off roading, cliff climbing and have asked our local sources for the download and have compiled our favourite secret beaches for you to explore this year!

Cala d’Albarca Beach:

Somewhat nearer to San Antonio de Portmany sits the little brook shoreline of Cala d’Albarca; high cliffs with pine trees look down on a little slope and ruddy drift and if untamed nature is your thing then this is one for you. Cala d’Albarca is one for the bird watchers too as it is home to the endangered Falcone Marine, so be sure to take your binoculars and see if you can spot them.

Cala d’Albarca beach was home to many pirates and sea men over the years, with it’s cove like appearance, clear waters and soft sandy beach, you can see why and it is easy to imagine them dragging their treasures aboard their boats as you sit back in the sun with a cocktail; who knows, you may even find some loot yourself!

Es Niu de S’Aquila

Situated in Sant Josep on the bank of Es Cubells, this shoreline brags delightful clifflines and 200 meters of darker stones and rock that sink into turquoise waters.

It is a mystery shoreline and because of that it is very difficult to access, so not one to visit on the off chance that you have mobility issues or buggies or pushchairs.

It is pristine to the point that there are no shops or cafes at all so make sure to bring your own food and drinks and you won’t discover many people that have been there, which makes it even more tempting for us!

Cala Tarida, Sant Josep
The beautiful beach at Cala Tarida, Sant Josep

Cala Tarida Beach

Presently, Cala Tarida itself is not what you would call a mystery beach; it brags a great deal of civilisation for a start, with hotels and beach huts dotted about. In any case, if you explore the shoreline somewhat further, you will discover numerous little bays dabbed around the shoreline. Covered up among the precipices and rocks, you might be fortunate to locate your very own shoreline for a couple of hours. Try not to be shocked on the off chance that you discover individuals in their birthday suits however as they exploit a touch of open air privacy!

The bays here are wonderful sandy horseshoes with purplish blue hued waters lapping against them and it just asks for a little evening swimming; or skinny dipping if that takes your favor!

Cala Olivera

Of all the mystery shorelines that we went to, this must be our top choice. Climb the bluffs and gaze out over pine woods and sea waters of greenish blue and inviting navy. Remove your climbing shoes and meander along the 30 meters of fine white sand or dunk your toes into the quiet lapping waters. It truly is a cut of heaven here and you may even be sufficiently fortunate to chance upon a big-name celebrity, as it is near Roca Llisa; a well-known region for those in high society searching for some peace and calm

Es Portitxol

Once more, not one for buggies or wheelchairs due to the steep access, this tear-shaped extend of shoreline is come to by strolling down a ramshackle path which is a part of the reason that the shoreline could hold its place as a mystery shoreline. Not a mystery however to angling groups, who use it as a social meeting place and in addition to this, it is the ideal place to dispatch their little fishing boats from.

Take as much time as is needed on your journey down to the sands; not only for security but rather with the goal that you can take in the eminent perspectives of sheer cliff faces that appear to soften away into the profundities of the coves clear waters; this one holds first place as one of our most loved spots to find…

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