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We Discover the Wi-Ki-Woo Hotel
10th June 2019 0 comments

Hot off the heels of our flight, we were particularly excited to be arriving into Ibiza knowing a check-in to somewhere special was on the cards. Pulling up into San Antonio and before what looked to be Barbie’s Balearic hideout, palm-trees and pink-drenched walls quickly stole all of our attention. We were, in fact, not in Miami but at what has been cited as the island’s most Instagrammable hotel, if not the world – Wi-Ki-Woo.

Wiki Woo sea view from hotel

It can be said, without a doubt, that destination hotel Wi-Ki-Woo is a stunning piece of work. Its eccentric, playful décor inspired by South Beach Miami – our first impressions correct – makes it the perfect backdrop for those eye-catching Instagram photos. After all, while Ibiza is teeming with amazing restaurants, beaches and clubs, who said the accommodation has to be boring? On our arrival, we were greeted with smiles from the glamorous check-in staff – despite being inside of an other world, within minutes we were already being made to feel at home.

Wi-Ki-Woo’s exclusive location on the sunset coast of San Antonio means that not only is it pocketed away from the noise and bustle, but is, of course, ideal for watching the sun go down. A medley of spaces are on offer at this stayaway from deluxe sea view rooms – ideal for the aforementioned sunsets – to fun, poolside chalets overlooking the pink flamingos! It’s fair to say, the setup is one you’ll never have to leave to enjoy a stellar sunset. Sipping a signature cocktail atop plush sofas – ocean-facing – with the likes of Jakki Degg and Andy Craig on the decks, what more could we ask for?

Wi-Ki-Woo Deluxe Sea View room
Wi-Ki-Woo Deluxe Sea View Room

On the subject of beds, the furnishings inside our room at Wi-Ki-Woo were certainly no afterthought. We were wowed with mattresses sourced from Italy, Egyptian cotton sheets, blacked out curtains and large TVs kitted with soundsystems – unquestionably everything we could have thought of and more! Our bathroom came ready with Cowshed toiletries and kitchen with a pink Smeg mini bar and, as if they knew what we’d get up to, a coffee machine for those mornings after!

The question begs, just who is behind this colourful, funky world that oozes playtime at every hour? Wi-Ki-Woo is the brainchild of successful Ibiza businessman Tony Truman, known best for being the hands behind the legendary O Beach Club. His eye for creating spaces that people love and attitude for delivering outstanding service is explained by all of the detail put into the creation of the hotel. With a team of fabulous staff Tony and Gordon really do deliver that home to home experience with a touch of Wi-ki-wooness!

Wiki Woo Pool

Attracting a gorgeous crowd and fuelled by lashings of happy vibes, from the art-deco interiors to the amiable staff, a trip to Wi-Ki-Woo is a must. Even for those staying elsewhere, the hotel offers a mouth-watering menu selection. Every meal is catered for but our favourite is the breakfast – the full English is our must! It goes without saying, sunsets are a total winner here and perfect for getting the party started.

We’ll catch you by the bar!

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