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Who Cares? and Pyramid align together for an authentic throwback to Ibiza’s roots
17th August 2019 0 comments

We hit up Cova Santa for the carry on from Pyramid’s 10 hour Epizode special.

For as long as we can remember, Ibiza has been globally renowned as the party capital of the world. This is much accredited to the stand-out qualities of the original Ibiza where the only things that mattered were the music, the energy and of course, dancing until the early hours of the morning, sunrise hedonism at its best. However, in more recent years, the White Isle has been lacking a certain authentic substance, largely because of the increase in island prices and VIP culture – a far cry away of what the island once was. Despite this, the underground movement on the island remains unfazed and the original Ibiza flame still burns, just ask Pyramid.

Sharing Mondays at Amnesia with the old guard, Cocoon, the San Rafael venue’s in-house event has come a long way since its introduction to life on the island last summer. Exceeding initial expectations, Pyramid is a refreshing reminder of what Amnesia is all about, dancers coming together in unison forgetting about the real world, after all, it is widely known as the Workshop of Forgetfulness. This is the same mantra behind brand new island concept, Who Cares? When formulating plans to host a night in Ibiza, the same questions are always presented… Who is playing? Who else is going? Who is playing what set time? But in all honesty, as long as you stay true to yourself without boundaries, the real question is WHO CARES?

Who Cares at Cova Santa Ibiza day

A new addition to Cova Santa for 2019, Who Cares? is characterised by that rare sense of intrigue the island still possesses now and then. Situated in the glorious San Josep mountains, this charming venue is pretty much the only public constant the party brings with it. Thus far this season, the tightly-knit crew behind the concept haven’t given much away in terms of what clubbers should expect before or upon arrival. The line-up is unannounced, the music policy remains a secret and the dress code could literally be anything.

Defined by the simple core values of good music and having a good time, Tuesdays at Cova Santa have been unforgettable so far. The opening edition indulged those in attendance to raw and eclectic taste of techno with performances from the likes of Adam Port, Red Axes and Trikk. Luckily for us, the Pyramid x Epizode was tied in with the mid-August edition of Who Cares?, therefore we had a good inclination of who and what to expect. Taking the aforementioned into account, this was also the busiest edition of Who Cares? to date.

With the Balearic sun beaming down brightly on the beautiful hillside high-class restaurant, it was a the eclectic and sonic vision of SAGA chiefs, Bedouin, shining down on early arrivals. Announced as special guests on the day, this was the icing on the cake to an already star-studded bill. Eating our cake for starters, the Brooklyn-based duo didn’t disappoint. Indulging revellers in a wealth of spell-binding melodies and rhythms courtesy of their own desert sounding magic, Bedouin had the atmosphere in the palm of their hand. They advanced through dOP’s intense 2012 number, ‘Take Care of Me’, as well as Reude Hagelstein’s ‘Found A Place’ – an ever-evolving taste on show capturing the imagination of all as sunset fast approached.

Who Cares at Cova Santa Ibiza

In charge of sunset duty was the evening’s main event, a much anticipated back-to-back performance from two South American heavyweights, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. By this point, Cova Santa was a grid-locked affair with sweat cascading wall to wall. Somewhat more characterful and nuanced than proceedings thus far, vast years of experience between the two ensured an appropriately innovative mentality for a marvellous sunset moment. Never ones afraid to push the boundaries, the Chilean and Chilean-Swiss natives were in good spirits working in such movers as ’Say Goodbye’ (Losoul She’s Homeless Mix) and Guti’s ‘All The Girls’.

As day turned to night, the musical texture of the evening evolved with a mixture of melodically deep tones. Advancing their way through varying techno and acidic flavours, an encore of minimalistic elements ensued including dabbles of flute, salsa rhythms and sometimes contradictory grooves (just ask those who attended Amnesia for Pyramid the night before. Elegant and pronounced above the decks, the hyper-kinetic energy between the two was a testament to the synergy involved, and even more so to Villalobos’ sheer stamina too. The dance floor was arguably at its busiest when they worked in Makossa & Megablast’s ‘Soy Como Soy’ – a tight, sharp percussive cut following a free-flowing primordial drumbeat with vocals rhythmically intertwined throughout, very reflective of the original Ibizan vibe.

Who Cares at Cova Santa Ibiza day performers

Following on from the main event, dance floor operations were taken inside where revellers were later treated to the warming, soothing old school house influences of Alex Kennon. Never afraid to experiment and mix it up, the rising Italian tastemaker always builds his set within the moment. With his soft spot falling between house and techno, not too hard but always groovy, he worked in his latest number on Saved Records, ‘The Lover’. As his set progressed, so did the raw emotion he fused up behind the controls. An artist making serious waves right now, Alex certainly proved his potential.

Joining forces for the first time ever, the care-free spirit approach of Who Cares? blended with the raw energy and organic purity which magnetised the island to Pyramid devised a rare realm of authenticity and unison, something Cova Santa appears to have in abundance during 2019.