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Your Guide To A Weekend Winter Ibiza Getaway
4th December 2019 0 comments

Have you ever considered a weekend, winter getaway to the White Isle? Slower-paced and quiet, with many of Ibiza’s glamorous haunts and hotspots shut down, what’s left is hardy, local favourites and a beautifully serene landscape. The off-season is a time for workers and residents to recoup, catch up and soak up a relaxing several months before the incoming summer buzz. Over the years, the winter period has seen a rise in numbers who visit yet, come the end of the year, this other side to Ibiza remains very much still to be explored by most.

Without an entertainment scene in full-steam in the colder months and the throbbing influx of people – in the summer Ibiza attracts numbers in their millions – the vacant island feels like a private showcase of its natural bounty. Experiencing the more leisurely air that this season brings is a fantastic way of connecting to the special, magnetic vibe of Ibiza that many visitors comment on. A weekend trip away during the quieter months is ideal for those looking to recharge or seeking some outdoor adventure.

Many hotels across the island remain open, providing attractive nightly prices throughout the months. Whether you’re after something budget or upscale, there’s an option for any manner of taste. A great time to snap up a deal, you can also find stylish and spacious villas that open their books to day-by-day reservations; typically, bookings are made in blocks of weeks. The only factor in bringing together your escapade that should be paid some attention to is the flights. Many airlines don’t operate or run a reduced service during the winter rendering pricier costs per trip unless booked in advance. For the bargain-hunters among us, consider travelling in from Barcelona via ferry to save on budget as transport from this capital is a lot more frequent.

Cala Salada bay ibiza
Cala Salada bay so peaceful in the winter

The fun part next is in deciding what style of weekend trip you’re after. Whether you’re craving a tranquil spa getaway or perhaps want to relive a slither of summer, there’s an activity to match every kind of mood. The party calendar stays very much alive only with a more select offering, largely occurring at the weekend. With the glitzy cabaret-club Lío presenting a plethora of livening action on Saturday nights, you can be sure to catch a snippet of party fun on a weekend visit. You won’t be short on great eateries to dine at in between your adventures with many a restaurant staying open to cater to both the discerning and laid-back traveller. You’ll find a more local vibe among the gastronomic scene and a chance to experience traditional Ibiza.

How much you decide to pack into a short trip to the isle is all down to you. Our recommendation lays firmly in the outdoor pursuits come wintertime. Granted, some layers of clothes will be needed, but the quieter months are ideal for taking up a walking tour around many of the island’s routes. You’ll discover breath-taking views of an Ibiza that feels reserved all to yourself and perhaps feel inspired in the same way many great artists once did who sought refuge on the island. Explore sister island, Formentera, too, by hopping on one of many ferry services that remain open all year round.

From January onwards, the weather gets a little sharper, frosty in the evenings yet sunny in the day times. While it may not be a weekend runaway to the beach, basking in a short visit to a winter-mode Ibiza is a must for any lover of the island. Like chalk and cheese, to see both sides of the White Isle is to have a rounded view of the culture and way of life. You may just end up being a firm, winter visitor!