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10 reasons you need to go to Ibiza (that isn’t clubbing)
29th January 2016 0 comments

You would be forgiven for thinking that all Ibiza has to offer is partying, fishbowls and basslines; however you would be wrong.

Ibiza is an island of plenty; from history and art, breath taking views and secluded beaches and some of the best food that you will ever taste. So whatever your reason for visiting the island, make sure you find the time to pack in more than just San Antonio Bay and Bora Bora Beach!

  1. Let the sunshine!

Ibiza weather is one of the main attractions and apart from the occasional storm, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will be basking in golden sunshine for the majority of the year.

Summer as you can imagine gets pretty hot and even in winter you’ll be treated to temperatures that rarely dip below double figures.

  1. Treat your taste buds

There is very little that you can’t find on the island. From sushi and oriental food prepared by top rated chefs, right through to KFC and burgers, Ibiza has it all and everything in between.

There is always an abundance of fresh seafood, which is locally caught and almost every street has a family run restaurant serving a true taste of Spain.

  1. Beaches

For the size of the island, Ibiza boasts a beach for everyone. From rocky coves that have rock pools for exploring to white sandy paradises and even private beaches and nudist spots; whatever you want from being beside the sea is catered for.

Ibiza is well equipped for crowds and most beaches are also family friendly and easily accessed for disabled holiday goers however, its best to do your homework as some are hard to reach and require a climb through rocks to reach.

Cala Benirras beach

  1. Relax and channel the Zen

Whether you are recovering from the famous night life, or just sinking deeper into a relaxed state, Ibiza is just as dedicated to chilling out as it is to partying and music.

From spas and relaxing beach yoga to quaint cafes where you can order a cocktail and watch the sunset as traditional Balearic beats drift through the air, Ibiza has plenty of places to channel the Zen and unwind

  1. Scenery

Ibiza is naturally breath taking and you don’t have to go far to see why people get lost in the islands beauty. Take to the coast on any side and stare out across turquoise and emerald oceans with the golden sun dancing across its surface.

Go inland and contemplate life while gazing out over orchards of trees or climb into the hills and look over at the striking scene of Ibiza’s towns sparkling below you.

  1. Activities you don’t get at home

From water skiing and parasailing to horseback riding, quad biking and more; there is so much to see and do in Ibiza, the only problem you will have is picking what to do first.

The island locals as much as the tourists revel in outdoor activities and especially for water sports so why not take a surf lesson whilst you’re there?

  1. Formentera

Just off the coast of Ibiza is the island of Formentera and it is above and beyond what you can imagine.

A favourite of the rich and famous, Formentera boasts exquisite food and drink, pristine white sandy beaches and only the best of everything is coupled with views of Ibiza mainland and some stunning architecture that will take you back in time.

  1. Get to know the locals

Some of the nicest people you will ever meet live in Ibiza. They are very welcoming and old pros at handling tourists so are unphased by the crowds when they return every summer season.

They love to gossip so if you want to immerse yourself in local culture and folk law, then pull up a seat and get chatting! They also know all the best places to eat and drink, and may even have some insider secrets to share with you!

  1. The Nightlife

And we don’t just mean the club scene, even though they are immense and really do deserve their reputation as the Mecca of Clubbing, Ibiza nightlife is more than just that.

Take an evening stroll in the warm after sun air, stop for sangria and drink the night away in a local bar listening to guitar and wander round the night markets before grabbing something to eat under the stars.   Eating is done a lot later than it is in the UK and it is not strange for a restaurant to be at it’s busy peak as late as 11pm.

  1. Travel through Time

The Old Town of Ibiza is untouched by time in a lot of places and you really can wander down some streets and be completely convinced that you are back in the times of cobbled streets and horseback.

Discover hidden treasures such as bars and restaurants and immerse yourself in Hippie Markets where you can buy traditional, handmade goods that you won’t find anywhere else