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Beginner’s Guide To Ibiza
22nd July 2017 0 comments

Ibiza Suitcase Essential:

We all have a suitcase checklist; toothbrush, clean underwear, passport…. But it isn’t always the obvious things that we need to make sure we have with us to make a holiday as good as it can be. We’ve put together a quick list of items to add or remove from your holiday checklist!

Leave your Smartphone at home:

We know you’re probably sat there gasping at us as you read this, but trust us when we say this…Ibiza is a great island with many great people on it, however there are also a lot of pickpockets and phone thieves. If you have to take a phone to make sure that you can keep in touch with your mates, we suggest replacing your £700 iphone or android with a much cheaper old skool Nokia. It’s all we had in the 90’s and to be fair, Ibiza is about living in the moment, not watching the whole thing through a screen. As for a camera, take a cheaper digital camera or really go back to the future and grab yourselves some disposables!

Outrageous outfits!Beginner's Guide To Ibiza

It’s not all denim hot pants, bumbags and glitter under the eyes, Ibiza is more than just simple festival fashion and believe us when we say if you are going to go the extra mile with your outfits this season, you will fit in just fine! If you are struggling to think of something, take a look at Ibiza parties from the past that are all about the get up; Elrow, Cocoon and The Zoo Project almost have a prerequisite for fancy dress so don’t be shy!

Love Your Feet!

The one thing that you will be using more than anything else on this holiday are your feet so llok after them well! Remember sunscreen on the soles if you are planning to lay in the sun all day, get some comfy flip flops that don’t rub in between your toes and invest in a good pair of dancing shoes or trainers. Don’t scrimp on this one; many times we’ve seen people rock up in their cheaper alternatives and an hour into the party you can see the rigid raver begin as their feet become sore. It is always more about confort than fashion when it comes to your feet and remember, parties here go on far longer than they do back home and you will need your feet to stay in the game!

Protect Yourself!

This comes in every form you can think of. Sunscreen to protect yourself from the UV rays, stay hydrated with plenty of money for water, make sure you manage to squeeze in some sleep and most of all…Ibiza is known for its hendonistic ways and ‘free leove’ ideas and you are of course on holiday so if you decide to partake in a bit of summer loving, then make sure you always wear a condom and take precautions. No one wants to go home with an STD or worse!

Open your Mind!
There is so much going on in Ibiza that you cannot enter unless you are ready to see a little bit of everything! Ibiza only works because people of all countries and backgrounds come here to share the music and the atmosphere and if you aren’t open to seeing, hearing and experiencing everything then you might as well not come. Hate is not tolerated of any kind and it is open minded people that make Ibiza what it is and always has been. Live a little and create some memories!

Club Tickets

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