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Candy world arrives at Heart Ibiza
28th May 2017 0 comments

One very exciting press release arrived with us of the upcoming Candy world event at Heart Ibiza… Reads like…

Once upon a time, in a world not so far away, there lived 3 Amigos. Actually, like The Three Musketeers, they were 4, but they enjoyed keeping a sense of mystery and doubt, and they called themselves the 3 Amigos… still!

Candy world at heart Ibiza
Candy World at Heart Ibiza

What the Amigos enjoyed most was to imagine journeys that would take them away to imaginary worlds of fun, friendship and frivolity! One day, a friendly music wizard crossed their way and granted them 3 wishes… actually, 4 wishes: «Amigos, Amigos

Amigos… your spirit is good, your soul is pure, and for that I grant you 4 wishes to brighten the world.  What will they be?» The first Amigo said: «Let us create a world of Candy that we can share! We will call it Candy world and it will be filled with goodies and sweetness.» The second Amigo said: «Let us invite the world to Candyworld and they will take part in our journey of fun, friendship and frivolity.

They will become the Candy People.» The third Amigo dared to ask: «Music wizard,  please let us share the music and jam all night  so the Candy People can free their spirits and  sweeten their lives.»

Finally the fourth Amigo added: «Wizard, wizard can you
sprinkle wonderdust to fill Candyworld with light and magic,
that will last the whole journey?»And so the wizard granted the Amigos their 4 wishes and  A NIGHT IN CANDYWORLD was imagined. The Amigos and the  Candy People danced and cheered and lived happily ever after.

Make sure you don’t miss it!