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Interview with Anané and Louie Vega
24th May 2017 0 comments

With an exciting season ahead we catch up with Anané & Louie Vega and find out what s instore for Ibiza 2017 season as they thing The Ritual to Heart Ibiza.


The Ritual
The Ritual coming to Heart Ibiza
  • Louie and Ananan, thanks so much for taking the time out to chat with us… Tell us where you are and how you are feeling about the up and coming Ibiza season right now at Heart Ibiza.

Louie: We feel great, we’re both really excited. The Ritual is starting July 18th so we have a little time and right now we’re here to continue to build that excitement up as much as we can.

  • Tell us more about the Ritual concept.

Anane: The concept is now in its fifth year. It started as ‘Sunset Ritual’ and ‘Moon Ritual’ and we’ve decided to bring that together and create The Ritual. What we have in mind and what we’ve come to put together is we’re really taking our audience back to the roots of NYC culture. The culture of the music, the clubs and what is was all inside a really vast period of time. There was a time in NYC where you could experience in one night – inside one club – an array of music and genres: From hip-hop to dance-hall, disco, house, underground. One of the beauties of being around NYC at this time was really experiencing all these sub-genres and cultures, so we want to bring that to our audience and take them on a musical journey.

  • What is it about Heart Ibiza that complements The Ritual concept so well? What do you expect Heart to bring to The Ritual, and vice versa?

Louie: Well first of all Heart is a beautiful place so I think visually with all of the video mapping we can do, we’re really gonna be able to deliver that experience of the NYC culture. We’re gonna be mixing in the arts; from Keith Herring to Andy Warhol to the punk rock days. I mean subliminally you can feel that around the place. You’re gonna feel that presence.

We’ve got so much to offer musically too of course. Anane’s got her imprint with Nulu Movement and Nulu Electronic, which brings a whole different sound and we’re producing a lot of new music as well all the time. All this goes back to NYC. We were brought up being able to play different styles of music and making it happen seamlessly and you’re really gonna feel that with The Ritual at Hearmert this sum. One thing we’re bringing is ‘intimacy’ – ther’s a lot of huge clubs around but this is 1500 capacity venue so we’re gonna have a lot of connection with the crowd.

  • What will this residency bring out of you both as performers together too?

Anane: Absolutely, I don’t know how many husband and wives get to do this together. Aside from doing our own thing, what we do collectively really is a natural love for music: A true passion for sharing that with people. We are really focused on bringing that whole culture of music through, from its roots, to the people. How we can bring this back, how we can make this work for the audience?

  • Which DJs from your lineups are you guys really looking forward to showcasing this coming season?

Anane: We can’t say too much yet, it’s a surprise! But the names we have will definitely bring something unexpected.

Louie: Yeah, we’ve some huge surprises. We’re so confident with our line-ups, we feel great. We’re bringing nothing but talent and the combination of everyone together is just going to be wonderful. We’re bringing a huge range of talent through, all different genres, but when you hear them with us you’re gonna hear them like you’ve never heard them before – doing things you’ve never heard – put it that way.

  • For new comers to the event, what can they expect from The Ritual?

Louie: Man we hope you will all become “Ritualists” because that’s what we’ve been creating around the world over the last five years! We’ve taken a two year break from Ibiza, really because there wasn’t a place we could do this anymore. So many beach clubs were being shut down because of noise complaints and we don’t want that but when Heart approached us, we came down and when we saw it we both knew this place was perfect. Visually it’s gonna be amazing, the sound is gonna be amazing, you’re gonna get top quality all the way through. Meyer Sound are testing out some their latest top of the range equipment and I’ve heard it sounds amazing. So sound production, music, the whole presentation is a whole experience.

  • You have a long history in Ibiza. With all the changes and new concepts on the Island how do you see the Ibiza trend going forward? What does the future hold for the island?

Anane: It’s called evolution, life is evolution. It’s ok for things to transition and change and it’s part of life, whether we want to accept the change or not. For us it’s how do you stay true to what you love? And it’s ok for something new to happen, but it’s always important for us to stay true to our roots and move forward with the change in the right way. Change is good.

  • What is it that makes Ibiza so special? What is your favourite part of the island?

Louie: Well we’re from the islands, I’m from Puerto Rico, Anane’s from Cape Verde so we’re island people! For us its perfect, the locals are wonderful, we have so many friends here. It’s very addictive this island and of course its beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to be here?

  • What’s been your most memorable gig together over the last 12 months?

Louie: We just had one recently in Naples, which was amazing at a beautiful beach club called Ammot, that was really special.

Anane: And one in South Africa that was incredible: 20,000 people in Johannesburg at a food and wine festival with Elements of Life, which is our 13-piece live band that Louie produces and conducts and I’m one of the singers. So we can incorporate it all and we may bring that to Heart too who knows? It’s cool to bring that live aspect out. It’s also really interesting to add that this year will be the tenth anniversary that we collaborated with one of Heart’s founders Guy Laliberte through Cirque de Soleil with Elements of Life, when we performed at the opening of the Superbowl, so it’s come full circle at a great time for all of us.

  • Finally, are there any of your current tracks that have been smashing the dancefloors of late that you’re looking forward to playing at Heart this summer?

Anane: Well I’m really looking forward to playing tracks of my labels Nulu Music and Nulu Electronic. I have some incredible artists from South Africa, as well as on the continent like Paco Fernandez who I just signed. There’s lots of great talent and new sounds we’ll be pushing.

Louie: I have some collaborations with The Martinez Brothers, Joseph Capriati, Crosstown Rebels. I’m kind of digging into the younger generation and collaborating in the studio with them and I’m really excited about it. Of course, too, Masters at Work and my partner Kenny Dope – we have some surprises coming!