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Carl Cox The Final Chapter at Space Ibiza
18th September 2016 0 comments

Carl Cox and Space goes together like peanut butter and jelly, poor and Ramen and meatballs with spaghetti. For now 15 years, Cox’s been performing at the club on Ibiza and delivered outstanding performances, no matter the night. On the 20th, Cox will be performing for another reason: Space’s closing. Unfortunately, like Cox’s departure, Space is also going to be leaving the island forever, so it’s only fitting for the favorite DJ to be performing all night for his ultimate grand finale. In the works currently are several ideas, including Cox to being the main and possible sole DJ, along with his dedication to bringing vinyl back into the picture.

The Boss Carl Cox at Space
Carl Cox our hero and king of techno at Space, Ibiza

Carl Cox came onto the scene of music back in the mid-80s, when he was around 17-18. In this time of his life, his gigs consisted of house parties and bars/pubs. It wasn’t until 1986 that music officially changed the game for him. “Around 1986, the music scene changed to house music, acid and more garage. I jumped on board immediately,” Cox explained. Though new to the music scene, Cox bravely took a leap of faith into the scene that cultivated our current club music.

One of the reasons why Carl Cox is one of the best DJs isn’t just based off of his old school skills, but his ability to adjust and readjust when it’s needed. As a young man, he was willing to jump onto a revolution in music that is now common day, along with his own background. From the age of 15 and onward, Cox was developing into the DJ we know and love today and faithfully immersing himself into the rave scene. Having a hip hop background has given Cox an edge that many don’t have- the ability to go hard and play as many tracks as you can.

“Like when you’re using three turntables, you’ve got to be quick with it. You can’t be lazy. I’d be crossfading the first two records while mixing the third in, creating this remix-style live energy. In the end I was known for that – people called me the Three Deck Wizard. People came and stood in front of the turntables and just watched, they wouldn’t even dance,” Carl shares, expressing why he’s one of the best in the game for the duration in his career. Instead of keeping songs on a loop, Cox gives you exactly what he makes.

Cox rode onto the exploding British rave scene thanks to his dedication, innovation and open minded attitude, making a name for himself early on with many hits and recognition in the different genres he participated in. When Space came into his life, it was the mid-90s, and Cox was already a success. However, Ibiza gave Cox the stability that many DJs aspire for but never receive. Carl has made Space his home for 15 years, but sadly, there always has to be an end to everything good.

carl cox space ibiza closing party Flyer
Carl Cox Space Ibiza closing party line up

Space will actually be closing October 2nd, so Carl decided to do one of the grandest finales that anyone in the club scene has actually seen. Since June 14, Carl’s been performing “The Final Chapter,” playing consistently on Tuesdays to applaud the time he’s had at Space. For 15 years, Cox has been gracing Space with his presence, but this session is a special treat. September 20 will be his final performance, with tickets being 50 Euros at the door and other outlets.  (Sorry but all sold out!)

With that stated, don’t fall for the gimmicks. It’s even on Cox’s own social media that this is the confirmed price to witness him end his legacy, which is a complete steal when considering music festivals. Cox’s last bang will be worth all your bucks, considering the treat that everyone will be experiencing vinyl records. It’s been around a decade since Cox scratched, but he’s ready for everyone to experience this treat, considering it is a rarity these days on its own.

“I want to take things back and pay homage to all those years at Space spinning records. I want to show respect to those older times, dig out some of my old vinyl and play them alongside new tunes. A lot of the crows probably won’t have even heard them before, so it’s a way of showing the music is still relevant,” explains Cox, who realizes the generational gap between his career and the crowds today. For many who will be there, that will be the first time they’ve even heard of a vinyl being played. Cox personally owns around 150,000 vinyl records, so selection isn’t an issue.

Cox will be playing all night on the 20th, from approximately 8:00pm/20:00 until Wednesday morning 06:00am. With 15 years under his belt and doing his Final Chapter for 15 weeks (a week for every year he’s been on Ibiza and at Space), Cox has quite the line up giving him homage as well, many being a part of the Music is Revolution scene. The following will be there: DJ Sneak, Nic Fanciulli, tINI, Popof B2B Julian Jeweil, DJ Callum (after midnight), Andy Baxter (after midnight), Ken Fan (after midnight), Clara Da Costa, Alex Arnout and Eoin Smyth & Friends.

This night will be one for the history books… The only thing we have to say is we going to miss you Carl x