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Review | You and me got a whole lot of Kisstory at Ocean beach Ibiza
7th September 2016 0 comments

I think Ibiza is just one of those places that if you’re there long enough, and don’t have exact plans, plans will find you.

I was scheduled to go to Ocean Beach for their relaxing ‘Sensations’ day. It was super chilled, ambient and as we’d been going pretty hard for the first few days it was a much welcomed break, I’d go again.

Performer at Ocean beach ibiza Kisstory Event
Photo Courtesy of Ocean Beach Ibiza

‘You should definitely come to Kisstory, it’s the real Ocean Beach.’

Usually this is something you’d hear from someone who is looking to promote an event for one reason or another but this person had no vetted interest in Ocean, just offered an opinion, and we took his advice and booked.

Sold Out. All beds gone. Ok, this is midseason so fair enough, let’s push the boat out and see what’s floating around in other areas of Ocean that day. Sold Out. Luckily the powers that be informed us that we could squeeze in if we came early, thankfully. The anticipation was growing.

(If you haven’t read my original piece on Beach Clubs in Ibiza, go check it out, the anticipation has been growing quite a while.)

Kisstory was amazing for so many reasons. Not only was it arguably the happiest group of party goers I was going to bump into all holiday, but something a little crazy happened whilst we were there.

Ever heard of Youtube? Ever heard of Youtubers? Every seen them party?

This is how this story came to be. We had managed to wangle our way into the VIP section, somehow, and my girlfriend had just gone to the bathroom. As I stood at the bar watching a wedge of lime being pushed down the bottleneck of my Corona, I spotted someone I recognised. Within a fraction of a second I’d identified the Youtuber, KSI. For those of you who don’t visit Youtube or have been in the shade when it comes to this sort of thing, KSI has a following of 14.5 million people and his videos stretch from Fifa videos, to cars, to collaborations, to…well his channel is multi-faceted now and if his videos are anything to go by, he’s a pretty decent guy.

Anyway, let’s crack on.

Having noticed KSI on a VIP table in the middle of the Club, I sort of tuned out and in my head hoped he had a good time and didn’t get pestered. If I was him I’d hate to get approached constantly by people and leeched off. I sipped my beer and waited for my other half to return which she did, with company.

‘OH MY GOD I JUST LOOOVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!’ A young lady had led my girlfriend out of the bathroom and they were clutching at one another like sisters. I was introduced to her and she said she was on a table somewhere with loads of bottles etc and she wanted to take my girlfriend with her. There was a chance that ‘maybe you could come and sit with us as well, I don’t know though.’

I just nodded my head and said they could go do whatever, I was quite happy where I was, the barman was a rugby fan and we were chatting away merrily. I did however watch where my girlfriend was walking. Past the normal tables, past the owners…no way…past the huge lad table and then, yup, right onto KSI’s table smack bang in the middle of the place.

Kisstory Flyer for Event in Ibiza
Photo Courtesy of Ocean Beach Ibiza

I was horror struck, a few minutes ago I’d been telling my girlfriend who KSI was and what he does. Despite knowing what Youtube was, the concept of gaming and his consequent popularity was alien to her. In my head I had her saying ‘Oh yeh, that guy over there, my boyfriend, he’s like OBSESSED with you.’ That would be bad news for many reasons, the first being that no matter how much I admire someone for whatever they did, I wouldn’t let them know and subsequently place myself in the stalker category. The second is, if it was weird and annoying his friend had just led a complete stranger over to his table, how annoying would it be if that person’s boyfriend was then led over.

Within a minute, the wave came, gesturing me over. Here goes. Image

All very nice and cheery, I sat down and was offered a drink, KSI saying hello and other pretty well known Youtube stars politely greeting me then returning to whatever they were doing. I got chatting with KSI and sure enough, he was friendly and genuine and we didn’t talk about Youtube. I commented on the amount of alcohol and then he said ‘Oh, this isn’t anything, wait till ‘shut down’ comes on.’

I’ve seen champagne shows from 1 bottle Prosecco parties to Ace of Spades magnum shows.

I have never seen 110 bottles of champagne being popped within 10 minutes.

Everything went pretty blurry for the next few hours. The spray going straight into my eyes coupled by some of that champagne finding its way into my stomach made for a pretty joyous Tuesday and I left around 10 with a very big smile on my face.

Ocean Beach’s ability to go from zero to one hundred within a matter of seconds is unmatched. The baying crowd in and around the pool have been drinking steadily, or not so steadily, for 5 hours and it only takes a small group to raise the bar and the music to go up a notch for the madness to begin.

I have never been happier with my girlfriend’s ability to make friends in a club toilet.

Why not get down to Ocean Beach ibiza and experience one of their wonderful parties! Click HERE for upcoming dates