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10 useful things to know about Ibiza!
6th September 2016 0 comments

Thing’s you may have noticed so far…

  1. People staying in Bossa and judge you because you aren’t. ‘Well I’m actually staying in *enter place that is not Playa d’en Bossa or a million euro villa*’ and watch them shiver in repulsion, it’s like you’ve slapped them. They make us all smile because it’s going to be a long week of sleepless nights for that luxury apartment directly above opposite Sankeys!
  1. Taxi Drivers. They are as nice to you as they can possibly be bearing in mind the amount of time they spend escorting you from one place to the next, and remain mostly cheerful! Be the same to them, try and speak some Spanish and they may even laugh.
  1. The VIP Section. Every man and his dog seem to have snuck into the VIP section or onto a guest list. You’ve just paid 60 euros to be crushed into a David Guetta night because for some reason you’re about that life, only to see Charlene from Moneytown near Connection Street plop herself down next to the DJ booth. This is most likely their first time and you should definitely give them a break, you are not ready to have them next to you at DC10 and they aren’t ready either.
  1. The Social Media Massive. You could be watching a headline set at an exclusive gig in the middle of nowhere, someone will be live streaming or heavily documenting. I was watching someone live streaming at Café Mambo watching Eric Prydz, the only person watching was her, through a camera lens. These people are yet to become Ibizans in the way you may consider yourself to be one – they haven’t yet realised that the best people to share the experience with are those around her.
  1. The Lads. The unavoidable and inescapable volume of burnt and loud brits who, after almost no sleep and less culture, will do what they can to monopolise any opportunity to tell you just how wasted they got the night before, and haven’t slept. Embrace them, let them know it’s all going to be ok and maybe give them a some water.
  1. Ibiza itself. Minus the westernisation. Ibiza is still very very beautiful and there are many different places on the Island which deserve a day to themselves.
  1. San Antonio. It doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a community comprised of low-cost holiday makers, workers, the west end and the Sunset Strip. I had the best days here…maybe not the nights. The people in this community are very friendly.
  1. Transport. Generally positive. There are some buses that should arrive and simply don’t at the end of the day and if they do, they look like they’ve been through a traumatic experience. BUT, the bus times are clear and transport times are minimal.
  1. The Weather. Like most of the med, it’s hot and sunny and clear around 99% of the time.
  1. Noise? Unless you are above a nightclub and totally out of sync with the Ibizan way of living, you will not find it all that hard to get some peace.

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