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28th May 2019 0 comments

While the rest of the island competes to promote nights that are loud and almighty, for one contender, its CV and loyal following has helped push it to the top of the rankings. Established in 1999, UK label Defected Records has been bridging house music worldwide through pivotal releases and, in its recent decades, by hosting events that have won crowds over. With early beginnings in Pacha, Defected is now a name recognised on the ground amongst workers, locals and the music-savvy as a place to go for the best in curated and underground sounds.

Now held in Eden, a hotspot for young ravers in the San Antonio region, the vibe at this party is a match for its laid-back neighbourhood. Stripped back clubbing where everyone is on equal playing grounds sets the tone for a night where there’s no judgement on appearances, simply quality music pumped out from a stellar sound system. With top of the range VOID speakers in tow, label head honcho Sam Divine leads the pack for legendary names to take centre stage. In previous seasons, regulars Amine Edge & DANCE, Sonny Fodera, MK and Gorgon City have rumbled up insatiable sets that have revellers glued till the very end.

And, while Eden’s interiors are supremely futuristic with enveloping light shows that pierce all the way to its second floor, the no-frills atmosphere at a Defected party is what has seen attendees flock in their numbers. Eager to take in the rhythmic, feel-good beats, it’s fair to attest Defected has done due diligence in providing an experience that plays true testament to the essence of house music.

With over nine summers serving music lovers exactly what they want on the party capital of the world, this party is firm on who it sees as its guest. Accessible pricing both in tickets and drinks inside means everyone is invited to fill the floor and revel in Divine’s hot selections. With little to no advertising, Defected is the result of providing unforgettable nights and creating an atmosphere that welcomes an unrestricted clubbing experience. Undeniably, this is one underdog to be closely watched.