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Discover the Dalt Vila, Ibiza Old Town
29th May 2016 0 comments

So you’re taking a break and allowing your ear drums to heal to regenerate as much as they can, understood!

Dalt Vila at night
Dalt Vila in the moonlight

We’ve spoken previously here at CATI that there is far more to Ibiza than the clubs, superclubs and super super clubs. The markets are a few days out, you’re looking for another? We’ve got one for you.

The World Heritage site of Dalt Villa, Ibiza town, is part of the framework of Ibiza. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the island and is the peace and tranquil calm away from the storm of San Antonio and Playa D’en Bossa.

The first thing to say about this place – it’s vast. From crossing the drawbridge between the roman stone statues onto the main courtyard and then across onto the main square, it’s all pretty awesome. There is another entrance if you don’t fancy the slope up to the Portal de Ses Taules, Portal Nou. The ascent is a lot less stressful if your head is about to cave in, but make sure to take your time and explore the Gothic Catalan buildings looming overhead.

Much like the marketplaces, the courtyards of Dalt Vila are smothered with boutique offerings of the local craftsmen. Luckily there is far less clamour than at the markets so obtaining a material memory from here is far easier.
Other offerings include many 5 star restaurants, views of the beautiful harbour and scenery that could make you think you were worlds apart from the Ibiza you were in the night before.

The history of Dalt Vila is easy to see. The Statue of the General Joaquin Vara de Rey, The Church of Santo Domingo and the battlements by the cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows are snapshots of a history much forgotten by Ibiza’s summer visitors. Be sure to visit the museum, Museo Puig des

The beautiful white houses of Ibiza Town
The beautiful white houses of Ibiza Town

Molins, Ibiza claims some of the most impressive collections and artefacts from Roman times.

This exceptional place will take up a day of your holiday. It’s very necessary to Ibiza’s make up as reminder that the island contains more than just bikini clad party goers covered in neon (not that those people aren’t great!) History can be forgotten very easily in amongst the chaos, so take some comfortable shoes and head out to Dalt Vila for a picturesque and cultural awakening.

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