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The Rise of the Beach Club
11th May 2016 0 comments

It’s almost alien to the British, the concept of having a freezing cold beer next to the beach in the sunshine. In the depths of Summer, we have been known to struggle to remain in our swimmers, despite the calendar saying it’s mid summer and the clock saying it’s peak tanning time. In order to battle against this depressing British ritual of quashed dreams, we go looking for locations that guarentee all the things that we simply cannot get hold of here – sun, beer – and of course, beautiful people.

Blue marlin Ibiza
Blue Marlin Beach Club Ibiza

A Beach Club delivers on all these fronts. It’s everything people look for in a party holiday. Amazing location, beautiful weather, gorgeous people and music that seems to combine all three of them together. Blue Marlin and Ocean Beach are perhaps the two most famous beach clubs in Ibiza and also two of the most highly anticipated places to visit on the island.

Ocean Beach is a hotbed of beautiful people who’ve been sculpting their bodies since they last left the place. There’s no other way to describe the San An legend. It’s awash with the strongest of British accents, six packs you can grill a steak on and bikinis that leave little to the imagination. The staff are representative of the club itself, beautifully formed, polite and smiling from ear to ear – almost sickeningly so. There is one slight draw back. It’s a member’s club without any paperwork. What I mean is, Ocean Beach is absolutely a place where without proper preparation, you will stick out like a sore thumb. Get tanned, shredded, plucked and gleaming before you set forth.

Blue Marlin is everything Ocean Beach is but at the same time, a very different kettle of fish. Instead of multi-coloured budgy smugglers and thongs, you may well find a lot more classical colours and a little less skin. The prices are a little more expensive and this seems to changed the crowd into a group looking to relax and share jokes, without drinking ungodly amounts of vodka and shots. It’s more of who owns what rather than who wears what at this stunning location.

If Ocean Beach is a beautiful busty blond rocking her head out and shuffling, Blue Marlin is the exquisite brunette at the cocktail bar tasting her cosmo. Both these clubs are incredibly fun, but offer different types of it.

CATI would suggest going to both. For every virtue of one, the other matches it in a totally different way.