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Food and Drink
Food and Drink

Ibiza has an excellent selection of restaurants to choose from. There’s something suitable for everyone’s taste and budget.

The food can be amazing. However, it can sometimes be very over-priced. There are places available that offer affordable food, you just have to know where to head. If you’re not working with a budget, you’re in for a treat as there are lots of gourmet restaurants.

There are many beach clubs around Ibiza’s coastline. Regardless of where you are, it’s likely that you will find somewhere suitable for lunch. A lot of these establishments are actually set up for you to spend your whole day there. You can relax on the beach and then head to the restaurant for lunch when you’re ready. If you’d prefer, you can be served all day and have a table brought to you. There are also more glamorous beach clubs available where you can expect fantastic service. You might even see an A-list celebrity!

Outdoors restaurant at Cala d'Hort beach, with a fantastic view of the mysterious island of Es Vedra.
Outdoors restaurant at Cala d’Hort beach, with a fantastic view of the mysterious island of Es Vedra

If you head to the west coast, check out Cotton Beach Club. It’s very popular (particularly with the locals) so it’s best to book in advance. If you’re working with a budget, outdoor bars will be a better option. Fresh seafood is likely to be on the menu.

Lots of people head to the west coast to witness the beautiful sunset. There are bars available for you to sit in whilst you enjoy the view. Many places will also serve tapas at this time too.

If you’re in Ibiza Town or Santa Eulalia, you will have plenty of rooftop bars available for you to sit in and enjoy sundown.

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