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A True Paradise

Formentera Island

The White Isle has never been such an apt moniker for a destination than the paradise that is Formentera.

Resting just 16 kilometres south of Ibiza and blessed with beautiful white sandy beaches and sparkling crystal waters, the island of Formentera is the idyllic picture of luxury and serenity.

Dating back over 4000 years, Formentera was home to Megalithic, Greek and Roman settlers, each of whom have left their unique footprints on the small island. Today, Formentera is a haven for sun seekers, artists, musicians and writers, all looking for a piece of paradise. Visitors will enjoy the stillness and peaceful atmosphere that engulfs the island – a world away from the hedonistic resorts on Ibiza. You come to Formentera to be at one with nature.

The island’s most popular beach is Es Pujols, which offers soft white sand as far as the eye can see. With shallow, clear waters it is obvious to see why visitors come from around the world to experience this sublime beach. Set just a short walk from the beach, the resort’s selection of bars and restaurants serve delicious and revitalizing refreshment for beach dwellers.

For those who wish to indulge in true luxury, beautiful secluded beaches can be found all over the island, just a short walk or bike ride away. With miles of seashore, it’s quite possible you won’t see another soul for hours!

Despite the tranquility during the day, the island does have a unique and colourful nightlife; the narrow streets come alive as bars and small clubs fill the night air with music and song.  The mix of friendly locals and tourists ensures that the festival atmosphere breezes through the streets and terraces until the small hours.

With so many reasons to visit when in Ibiza, exploring the island of Formentera is another holiday in itself!

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