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Crystal Clear Waters


Its three stunning beaches immediately impress anyone who visits Portinatx, each offering sun loungers and even lifeguards. Each beach is but a mere stroll away from the apartments, which makes for stunning views from your room.

Portinatx’s crystal clear waters attract snorkelers and scuba divers hoping for a glimpse of the Mediterranean’s vibrant underwater world. Just a short ferry ride away and you can be in San Antonio or San Miguel, so you’re never far from the action.

Families looking for a stress-free spot will enjoy the familiar atmosphere create in this mini resort, which lends itself to kids making new friends to keep them occupied whilst you enjoy the stunning scenery.

From good facilities to good food, shallow waters to buzzing bars, Portinatx has a good balance of calm and character. The restaurants and hotels are all family friendly, whilst the bars offer the chance to dance without having to be packed into a club.

You’ll find plenty of water sports to try, but for the more active (or those begging to burn off at least some of the extra calories) the local landscape is impressive and ideal for walks. Portinatx is considered such a slice of paradise that it was the location for the classic film South Pacific. You can venture to the highest lighthouse in the Balearics, offering seemingly endless views across the clear waters of the Med, and choose the short trails or challenging 10k treks to really explore the area.

Whether you want to tackle the terrain or lay on a beach in sun-soaked bliss, Portinatx gives you a glimpse of paradise.

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