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Small, but steeped in culture, San Carlos is well known for its more bohemian gatherings.

San Carlos

Famous for being a mecca for hippies, San Carlos rose to fame in the 1960s, attracting peace lovers from around the world to the beautiful natural ambience of this Ibizan retreat.

The original bohemians were attracted to the timelessness of San Carlos’s rural location, setting up communes in the old farmhouses, known as fincas, often without electricity or running water. Despite the modernisation of the island and the arrival of technology, this northern Ibizan village is still home to those who seek an alternative way of life away from the perceived trappings of the 21st century. Those that call San Carlos home prefer to live without Wi-fi and work together to provide for each other, creating a true communal spirit.

The hub of San Carlos is undoubtedly Anita’s Bar, originally home to the village’s only phone during the hippy heyday. The bar, like the village, has remained unchanged over the years and the phone booth is still very much part of the bar’s appeal. Due to the rural location, Anita’s Bar is the only postal delivery address in San Carlos; locals often pick up their post from the bar while enjoying a chat and cold refreshment.

Today, thousands of visitors congregate weekly in nearby Las Dalias for one of Ibiza’s most colourful and lively hippy markets. Every Saturday, artists, vendors and entertainers fill the terraces and courtyards with a unique, friendly atmosphere and the chance to purchase a piece of bohemian life.

Las Dalias is also home to fantastic nightlife, rivalling Ibiza’s party hotspots, with a variety of bars and clubs offering live music, DJ sets and exceptional performances every night of the week. With posters and flyers promoting Las Dalias’s eclectic music scene all over the island, this idyllic rustic region is the perfect meeting place for free spirits.

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