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Heart Ibiza presents Heart Beat: The New Friday Party
6th June 2017 0 comments

Wally López, will have the residency of Fridays at Heart Ibiza during all the season

This June 6, 2017.- Heart Ibiza presents one of their biggest introductions for this season: Heart Beat: the new party for the Friday nights, with Wally López as a resident DJ. Heart Beat IbizaHeart Beat will be an authentic tribute to the energy and emotion that music makes us feel”, said Wally López. And it is not an exaggeration: following the philosophy of the club of the Adrià brothers and the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Lalibertè, Heart Ibiza’s new party will be so full feeling that will make our hearts beat strong.

After many years living in the Island, the DJ –and his guests- will be residents at Heart Ibiza. 2017 has been a great year for Wally López so far, who admits he is in “one of his best moments of inspiration”. He has become one of the most international artists in the regional electronic music scene after performing on Tokyo, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Ginebra…  also, he performanced at BPM Playa del Carmen (Mexico) and at Miami Music Week last March.

Heart Beat will keep the Island alive every Friday from June 9 until October 6, offering 18 nights with an original mix of music and art, along with new talents and reknown music legends that will join Wally López during the nights at Heart club.

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