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Heart takes Acid Sundays to an Iconic place of Ibiza, Las Dalias
6th April 2017 0 comments

Ibiza, April 6th, 2017.- For its third season, Acid Sundays goes to the most authentic place in Ibiza. Las Dalias will be the venue where Acid Sundays will continue to surprise tourists and locals with its amazing set up and the most psychedelic sound on the Island.

Can you imagine what would happen if we added an extra dose of color and eclecticism to a place like Las Dalias? There is no need to imagine: You can feel it on May 21th, during Acid Sundays pre-opening party. On top of that, Acid Sundays will take place every Sunday from June 18 to September 17. The sun and the stars will witness the new version of the most transgressor party on the Island, which will make people tremble from 6 PM to midnight, as the best prelude to a magic night at Heart Ibiza.

Acid Sundays breaks its mold by settling on a new space where nature, magic and the White Island’s free spirit are more present than ever. “The new location has to do with the party’s natural evolution”, says José Corraliza, general manager at Heart Ibiza. It’s just that both Las Dalias and Acid Sunday have the unusual ability to spread the magical vibe of Ibiza.

Acid Sundays is back full of new sounds that go beyond techno and house. For this new stage, Heart Ibiza’s emblematic party sets out a total connection with the Island’s roots, absorbing its aesthetics, magic, sound and freedom to create an experience never seen before.


Heart Ibiza is the result of ten years of friendship and the exchange of ideas between the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, Ferrán and Albert Adrià. Their combination of creativity, talent and their common vision have come together for this project on the island.

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