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rEJEKT present the Winter Season Finale at Pacha
5th April 2017 0 comments

rEJEKT present the Winter Season Finale at Pacha Ibiza this Friday 7th April.

Parties during the off-season in Ibiza are a stark contrast to much of what happens during the summer.  They are more intimate affairs, full of the familiar faces that make the island tick, a place where you can experiment with far more interesting bookings for which you are more often than not greeted by rapturous praise for said efforts,

This is the 4th party in a series from rEJEKT spanning from October to April. Past guests include RikiInocente, Terry Francis & Nathan Coles, Pele &Shawnecy& Jose De Divinaalongside a host of island based local heroes and so for our “Grande Finale” we have put together something extra special as we welcome 3“discotech duos” to the 1s and 2s (and 3s and 4s)

HAIKU 575 (This And That / Hot Creations)
Haiku 575 is a duo composed by M_Abbatangelo (Co-owner with DavideSquillace of This And That) and Cipy (veteran producer and long-time member of the Get Physical and Kinsdisch family). After a decade of friendship they decide to go into the studio to pursue a musical vision that errs on the minimal side of the spectrum while maintaining a deep, melodic groove and a penchant for harmonies.

BUCKLEY & JON WOODALL (Black Riot / Back To Basics)

2 residents ofthe legendary Back To Basics, Buckey started his career at that most famous of Manchester nightclubs “The Hacienda” and more recently has released on labels like “Viva Music” & “Black Riot”.  Jon Woodall is part of the new wave of Back To Basics DJs and runsthe Constant Sound label with Burnski as well as working for renown artist agency Air London. Together they bring a credible, solid, groove based House Music

ROOTS & SANCHEZ (Sensual Recordings / Shut Up And Dance)

The Brazilian duo comprised of DJ Roots & Sanchez have made a name for themselves in Ibiza with their grooved styled House and Techno and stand out performances at Space, Sankeys, Bora Bora, Ocean Beat, Aperture the fallout of which lead to performances at large scale festivals in Chile, Argentina and Russia.

Solo support comes in the form of

IAIN TAYLOR (Rejekt Music Label Boss / Eat And Beat Records / Sankeys Soap)

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