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Introducing Ibiza’s Own Alcoholic Offerings
21st July 2016 0 comments

We plan to dig deeper this Summer here at CATI and have every intention of ‘visiting’ the wineries and breweries that crop up everywhere on the Island. We understand more than anyone that the complete holiday is nothing without its perfect balance of cultural tastes. The food will come later, but first – let’s have a look what liquids this place we call home has to offer.


“Hierbas” is made exclusively on the island. This is one of those that you hear about constantly and it’s the one here at CATI we are the most excited to learn more about! For those unaccustomed to sweet alcohol it may come across a little sickly, but it’s made with 28 island herbs, not the bottom shelf Sambuca your 1am visit to the bar delivers you, and as such should be treated and tasted with respect. It is aniseed based and anyone who’s been hierbas mari mayans Ibizanear a nightclub in the UK will definitely unintentionally draw parallels with lesser drinks. It is an aniseed-flavoured liqueur that has that has a very beautiful texture and comes in many different varieties. The popularity of these drinks in the Balearics is astounding – and for good reason, as they form part of the traditional customs of many homes, which is to create your own unique variant and guard its secret delicious ingredient with your life!

We can’t wait to bring you much much more content regarding Hierbas as we learn more about it in the coming weeks. CATI are so busy enveloping themselves in the Ibizan community but Hierbas is something we plan on getting to the bottom of very quickly so watch this space!

We particularly want to know more about its back story, we know it’s based here now but originally it was Formentera mixed with Barcelona then moved to Ibiza

Sa Cova Winery

Where there’s a will there’s a wine. Sa Cova Winery dedicates itself to its process and opens its doors for visitors looking to get their hands on some fermenting know-how. For 18 Euros you will be allowed to taste a few of their wines and be given a tour of the Winery. In typical Ibiza style, the tour is completely open to questions throughout, like a walk with friends. Along with the tapas that comes after this walk, the feel of this tour is very sensual and rustic, unchanged by the heavy amount of people visiting the island, very much worth the visit.

Ibosim Beersiboism

There was definitely some sort of cultural upheaval sometime in the last decade which caused a serious revival in the vintage and edgy. Craft beers and microbreweries have cropped up everywhere and the names that come with them are even more extraordinary. Ibosim beers are the genuine article, full to the brim of native ingredients and without the strange photo or pun accompanying the brew. The Craft beers have become popular in many trendy bars thanks to the revival of everything vintage and rustic that the hipster generation has brought. Carob Tree fruit is the main ingredient of the Garrova Carob Porter, a coveted and award winning Ibizan Beer.

The Ibiza Summer, Isla Blanca Weissbeer and the Rosemary Rural are slightly lighter drinks for the intensely hot Summers, rest assured everything is 100% natural.

Islena BeersIslana Beers logo

Named as the beer of Ibiza, Islena is a cool mild tasting ale, not too bitter taste with a deeper yellow appearance. You can find Islena served in a beautifully designed aluminum bottle which helps chill the beer and serve it nice and cool. (Watch out for the various unique designs from around the Island)

Produced using the local barley grown on Ibiza itself, among others then its sent to Central Europe where it is malted and then brewed in accordance with the ancient Purity Law of 1516. Found across the island in many bars, restaurants and supermarkets it shouldn’t take long for you to discover your first chance to taste this delightful beer.

Cafe Caleta

Carajillo is vital for that post meal digestion and the Ibencos are ritualistic with it. It can be slightly on the potent side as there’s more than just a dollop of liquor in it, your choice of shot. The Café Caleta at Sa Caleta restaurant is essentially black coffee, brandy orange, sugar, rum and a touch of lemon. A bit of a livener for want of a better word, but delicious by all accounts.

CATI will do its best to investigate the ins and outs of Ibiza’s culinary offerings in the near future. As a party Island, people can often forget about everything there is to offer besides the bass line and neon lights, it is our role to make sure Ibiza is thoroughly investigated and brought to light!