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Review | Jess Glynne arrives at Ibiza Rocks
26th July 2016 0 comments
Jess Glynne at Ibiza Rocks
Jess Glynne at Ibiza Rocks

Jess Glynne is a wonderful night out, although not a stadium filler (yet!), Jess has a voice and aura that makes her a very easy listen and hugely enjoyable.

Ibiza Rocks is a venue built for almost every type of artist. The acoustics suit a pool party, a DJ set (circa Radio 1’s 20th Anniversary last year that killed), Stormzy, Catfish and the Bottlemen etc. It’s a surround sound speaker with a pool and accommodation, kinda.

What made Jess’s set a little special was that the families on the balconies had come out to listen to her, providing a pretty friendly and familiar vibe. Mixed in with this, Jess’s band and the lighting show turned the thousand odd party-goers at the front into ravers who could have been at any gig. Perhaps the perfect slogan for this show was ‘Jess Glynne – come one come all!’

Later on in the season, Ibiza Rocks will have Skrillex and i’d be surprised if some of the glass doors facing into the arena don’t implode. Jess Glynne’s happy and upbeat set, performed to a beautiful standard, to an enthusiastic crowd early/mid season was a wonderful breath of fresh air that cleansed the ears of heavy techno and deep house. The crowd were allowed to poke their heads above the surface and take a breath of sweet, fresh Pop air.

It may be worth pointing out that this was a sellout gig. Not just tickets by the end, but also VIP and tables, emphasizing that this really was a performance where you could envelop yourself in the crowd and lose it, or sit on a balcony with a glass of wine with your kids who were are than happy to be up past their bed time.

Rather Be (Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynne) and Right Here were the opener and closer. Perhaps you don’t realise until you listen to her that she’s already had a startling array of hits, I was worried after the first couple that the set would run dry but it turns out there were easily enough numbers in there for me to start thinking Jess Glynne, if not already, a pop star of the highest order.

In conclusion, this was a sparkly, approachable, reassuringly glorious production made better by having a differing nature to other productions Ibiza is currently showcasing. Jay Prince was a wonderful opener to Jess, hyping the crowd and galvanizing them into a group willing to follow and enjoy whoever the next performer would be.