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Review | Welcome to the Jungle… The Zoo Project
29th July 2016 0 comments

We happened across the Zoo Project when walking on the promenade of San Antonio. I don’t mean it was happening there and then, what I mean was, we were hunting for a party to go check out and the very kind ticket vendor outside Kiss My Fairy recommended it to us. We had no prior affiliation to Zoo Project, other than we knew that it could get gloriously out of hand, which we here at CATI really do enjoy.

So, the next day we made our way back to Kiss My Fairy and got dolled up. And by that I mean i came out looking like a tiger, and my girlfriend a peacock. A short taxi ride from San An, literally 9 euros, we arrived at an abandoned zoo that had been refurbished for people open to a rave between the hours of 4pm and 12am. That sentence shouldn’t really exist, it’s surreal and if someone invited you to a rave at an abandoned zoo you’d probably smile and leave them to their business. But come on, this is Ibiza. So last Saturday we arrived at the zoo’s entrance otherwise know as Benimussa Park. The zoo had definitely been a zoo, you can tell it was a zoo because it had departments and enclosures etc etc, just a very zoo-like feel to it really. Very quickly, three conclusions were reached; We realised this was a quintessentially Ibizan event. We knew we were about to have a good time and we no longer cared about anything but the next few hours.

The Zoo Project Ibiza
Animal Dancers going wild at the Zoo Project Ibiza

I’m not sure if it was the man on the Ostrich (not real), the zebra contortionist on stage (again, not real), or even the gorillas breakdancing (you see where i’m going), but the overall feel of Zoo Project within the first hour was ‘Let go.’ So we did, and really stopped caring about anything. Without sounding all sparkly and whimsical… watching the sun set slowly through a gap in the trees as I listened to some very deep house, moving my feet in a trance-like fashion and not concentrating on anything, catching a few people’s eyes as they realised they were as much in the moment as you were…well it was all rather lovely.

There are two dance places, well three if you count the buddhist ritualistic quasi-cultist dance bit down near the bottom (think Shangri-La at Glastonbury and add a spiritual lady leading the whole thing and offering you massages). All three offer a different vibe. I don’t want to give too much away but in one of them is an old Seal Pit, instead of Seals it’s humans. Yup.

Ok, couple of things to point out. This is one of those events where the VIP/guestlist/friends of the DJ/organiser are allowed a little too close to the show and it can take away that ethereal togetherness of the whole experience. To put it into context, if you’re watching a breakdancing Gorilla, or a lady dressed as whatever she was dressed in, you don’t believe they are animals anymore than you believe that Mike Myers is Shrek…but you don’t want that third wall of imagination smashed apart as a guy almost spills his beer on the performer.

Secondly, this is an evening event so at 7:30 when most people are arriving or have arrived, it’s still hot. Take some euros, grit your teeth and buy a little bottle of water for 5 euros, this is a dance party, not a stand up and wave your hands gig. Also, shots are easily the best value for money at 4 euros a pop, come in warmed up and knock them back every 30 mins or so and you’ll maintain a buzz as well as a little cash.

Overall, Zoo Project is awesome, affordable, unifying, gratifying and quirky enough to make the 35 euros a very very decent purchase. Free buses to Bossa and San An are the icing on the cake. Buy the tickets, go to the party.

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