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Lovely Laura & Ben Santiago brand new Pool Parties at Ibiza Rocks
12th February 2018 0 comments

Lovely Laura and Ben Santiago are inarguably the hottest duo around at the moment so you will be happy to hear that the stars of new pool party series will be back for three Thursdays this summer at Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

The pair bring a truly intoxicating vibe to their house sets, which is added to in part by the aspect of the live sax performance!

‘We are very excited to be working with Ibiza Rocks this year. Obviously, with the live element being a huge part of what we do, it is an honour to be working so closely with the number one venue in Ibiza that champions live music.’

Dates are limited so make sure you grab your ticket ASAP: 7 and 14 June with another date on 20 September 2018.

Not one to miss… Tickets coming soon!