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Pacha Ibiza becomes the new home for Cocoon!
2nd February 2018 0 comments

As of right now, Cocoon has a new home in Ibiza!

After a very long and successful 18years in Amnesia, full of innovative concepts, passion and colour, Cocoon moves to Pacha to continue the magic.

The secret to Ibiza’s longevity is its ability to evolve and to never stop surprising its visitors and Cocoon is a brand that has not only adopted that ethos, but has ran with it to the max, right from the beginning they were bringing new and exciting talent to the island such as Sven Väth and re widely known for being the brand that brought techno to the island!

With uber brand Pacha and Cocoon coming together, this can only mean one thing…a summer of extraordinary parties that you just have to be at!

Cocoon ibiza goes to Pacha

This years meeting of giants is called Metamorphosis and with it being Cocoons 19th season, it is looking set to be a big one!  One thing is for sure, when Pacha and Cocoon come together, only great things can happen!

More information very, very soon