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Online Tickets or On the Island tickets? Which is Better?
21st August 2017 0 comments

We are asked this question a LOT and with fair reason.  When flying abroad for a summer holiday, do you buy your tickets online before you leave or do you wait and hope to get a good deal once you land? 

Well, like most things, it isn’t as simple as one or the other.  We like to think that buying online gives you an advantage (especially when you buy from us of course) but that’s not to say that you might not find a deal once you get there.  The problem with that is, in reality, the ‘deals’ are often few and far between, are almost always never for the parties that you want to go to and mostly depend on ‘who you know’ and if you don’t know anyone, you’ll most likely miss out. 

Buying your club tickets before you fly gives you a few advantages, so we decided to put those forward and make a case for the pre-flight ticket sale. 

Spread the Cost: 

Clubs release their tickets to online sellers months in advance which means you can spread the cost of your tickets over a few paydays, rather than saving it up and having to carry more money with you abroad.  You also won’t fall into the trap of overspending on y our first night (you, laugh but it happens a lot in Ibiza) and being left short for the rest of the holiday. Also, on the island prices go up and down at a moments notice and can leap from 40 euro to over a 100 euro in a matter of minutes, depending on demand. Online ticket prices stay the same. 

Be informed: 

From the comfort of your own home you can sit and read reviews of the previous nights, the clubs and see on a map just how far it is from where you will be staying.  Watch videos, look at drinks prices and plan your evening before you leave.  Buying tickets on the island is mostly in the street, surrounded by people and by someone who has a target number of tickets they have to sell…which means they can be pushy and a little liberal with the truth. 

Jump the Queue: 

There is a completely separate queue for people that have online tickets.  Sure, if enough of you have read this blog then you may still be in a small queue, but as it is more organised, it moves a lot faster, meaning you are in the club quicker and can get the perfect spot to party all night.  Tickets bought on the island are the same queue as anyone that is just turning up and this can make it a slow affair. 

But what about guest list and free wristbands? 

You will no doubt of heard that a friend of a friend’s cousin who went to Ibiza with just a backpack and his passport managed to get free VIP guest list wristbands to the biggest party in the island and helped Steve Aoki throw the cake at the crowd…although it MAY have happened exactly like that for that one person once, the truth for the majority of people is that it will not happen.  Free wristbands or a promise of VIP guest list are never for the parties that you want to go to and are 100% NEVER, we repeat NEVER for the big clubs or the main acts.  Another thing to look out for is ‘early entry discount’ when you buy in the island.  This usually means that you save 10 euro or so, but will be stood in an empty club for most of your night, unable to leave and spending a small fortune on drinks whilst you wait for everyone else to arrive. 

We know that for some people, the buzz of being there and the freedom to pick on the night what you want to do and where you want to go is all part and parcel of being in Ibiza and that’s completely fine; we have been there and done that ourselves and still had a great time.  

However, if you want peace of mind, a planned holiday, some more money in your pocket and more of your holiday having a good time rather than hunting for that one rep that can sort you out, buying your tickets online is the safer and more logical bet. 

Check out our party calendar on our APP and start buying your tickets now or buy your club tickets online via our website