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Review | Ants at Ushuaïa Ibiza – God Save the Queen
23rd August 2017 0 comments

If it’s your first time in Ibiza then you probably going to be heading straight to one of the most popular venues on the island Ushuaïa, top of the list of places to be it in my eyes one of the most beautiful places in Ibiza. One of the most popular nights at Ushuaïa and certainly one of the busiest on the island has to be ANTS!

Ants is one of, if not the number one, day time parties in Ibiza, starting at midday and going on until midnight! That’s a full on 12 hours of Ants and Ushuaïa fun! A true underground vibe, ANTS delivers a host of the world’s finest House & Techno djs.

As I headed towards to entrance I could hear the deep bass and techno beats reverberating around the venue. As it was my birthday, Ants was my number one choice to get the celebrations underway!

Another up for it crowd at Ants (Photos Courtesy of Ants)
Another up for it crowd at Ants (Photos Courtesy of Ants)

Once inside Ushuaïa, the whole venue was themed from top to bottom with the Ants branding never far away! A treat was in store as Ants own dancers were entertaining the crowd with fun antics and some interesting moves in their head to toe black lycra outfits and sunglasses!

The line-up was impressive as is every Saturday in 2017, one thing for sure the night league the team behind Ants certainly don’t mess around when it comes to Dj line ups. As we grabbed a drink the Dj getting things moving up a level was Raul Rodriguez, with some smooth beats and basslines the pace started to increase as the venue filled with eager clubbers. Lusa City Express continued the theme of the afternoon, bring the vibe up a level in the heat as many tried to chill in the pool, was difficult to sit still with such a upbeat tempo!

Uner was soon on Deck duties and as usual delivered a perfect site of techno beats driving up the tempo and bringing the crowd up ready for the main act.

At 9 PM, we followed the crowd to the front of the main stage, where the crowd were eagerly awaiting the arrival of legend and personal favorite Joris Voorn. Just after sunset, Joris took the helm and delivered a amazing 3 hour set of slow building euphoric tunes and picking up the pace to deliver a more pounding beat driving the crowd mad. Accompanied by sexy dancers high on the podiums and a amazing stage show, something Ushuaïa is famous for the night was yet another success!

Joris Voorn Smashing Ants at Ushuaia Ibiza (Photos Courtesy of Ants)

Whatever you do when visiting Ibiza always ensure you check out Ants, one of Clubbers App to Ibiza’s recommended events and must do! Grab your club tickets online or via our APP