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28th May 2019 0 comments

Proving that it’s not always about how long something’s been around for but rather for how many people it’s captured the hearts of, RESISTANCE is paving a new way. In just a couple of short, sweet, seasons, the techno party by underground label Ultra has seen only the world’s biggest nightclub – Privilege – routinely packed out night on night. Yet what is the secret of such rip-roaring success by a relatively unknown label? Many have come before them but never have these party grounds seen such floods of die-hard fans.

Perhaps it’s the jaw-droppingly hot production that works in tandem with the hounding, pounding techno beats. Aerial dancers cutting the laser-infested sky while robot-head-clad performers traverse around on their towering podiums. Added to the mix, Privilege’s giant warehouse structure and gargantuan everything – screens, stages and of course, dancefloor – sets the industrial tone for the matching, steel-cut rhythms. And yet, even the most stellar entertainment wouldn’t be enough to generate so much noise. The curated line-ups are nothing short of iconic.

Regular fixtures include Sasha and John Digweed and Adam Beyer alongside exciting guests to the tune of Carl Cox, Loco Dice, Jamie Jones and Joseph Capriati. Featuring staple names in the electronic circuit, acts heralding star-power brought together in generous numbers makes a night at RESISTANCE like a festival in itself. In the smaller, club room, still huge acts come to conquer – think Charlotte de Witt, Skream and more. Naturally, with an impressive number of renowned acts laid to bare, crowds in their numbers are bound to come through. RESISTANCE has also developed a strong following of industry-heads that pack out the backstage as much as the frontstage.

Infectious beats being served out by the giants to colosseum-sized grounds is simply a spectacle to be seen. Dishing out the more classic tastes in techno, spiked by current artists, RESISTANCE is the ultimate event for lovers of the genre. Dancing beneath shapeshifting light panels, in a capacity-full venue to blasting ice-cannons, the heady floor is thrillingly electric. Now a movement, the famous call to join the RESISTANCE prevails. For this concept, the upward trend doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon.