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Music On
28th May 2019 0 comments

Electrifying sounds, a music-hungry, loyal following and an atmosphere like no other – Music On is every modern-day techno lover’s dream. A night orchestrated by a man as gargantuan as the beats he delivers, DJ and producer Marco Carola has established this night as firmly his. Since 2012 the contender has seen a meteoric rise to become the leader of one of Ibiza’s most coveted and respected parties. A place where even the sceptics come out die-hard fans and a night that will have you out much longer than intended, the asymmetric symbol and all-black uniform distinguishes its people from the naysayers.

And, you’ll typically find a generous Italian turn out raving at these fiestas. Napoli Carola is recognised for his pivotal work within the electronic scene throughout the 90s. His vision for delivering sleek, forward-thinking minimal techno has seen his sound win over his home country and far beyond, with releases spanning across several influential records. So, it’s of no wonder his partnering with an island synonymous with club culture would come to dominate and more.

Music On is a party that, no matter which club is playing its canvas, its signature philosophy and resultant energy takes over the room. It’s aptly thought out slogan ‘it’s all about the music’ never spoke a truer word. With artists that come through with the likes of Paco Osuna, Joseph Capriati and Danny Tenaglia, a night with Carola and team is both a fine wine and shot of tequila. The atmosphere is certainly not for the feint of hearts as charging, palpable beats make up this soundtrack. Set between dancers so fierce and visuals that cut the air, Music On is fully an experience that wins through its own merit.

With a night built up entirely on the foundations of incredible music, the real treat at this party comes at the end. Chanting in a capacity-thick crowd in the early hours catchphrase, ‘Music On! Music On!’, the begging for just one more song is testament enough to a night that knows how to mesmerise its followers.