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Review | Armin van Buuren & Eric Prydz at Ushuaia Ibiza
3rd August 2016 0 comments

I’ve wanted to see Eric Prydz, I was about to say since forever, but when Call on Me came out I didn’t even know who he was. Let’s say I wanted to see Eric Prydz since I realised that his music had a profound sense of happiness deep within its soul, as if its creation’s sole purpose was to make people smile and move.

So now for this unbiased report of how one of the greatest DJ/Producer’s of modern times gave us an unrivalled set at Ushuaia, closely followed by Armin van Buuren’s entrancing (see what I did there) close out.Armin van Buuren & Eric Prydz at Ushuaia Ibiza

If I could conceive of a perfect song, it would be Opus. That’s to say that in modern times where we are completely engrossed by music that is simply a bi-product of an image created to sell, Opus is imageless, euphoric gold. It came on about two thirds of the way through Eric’s set to a cheer that was almost tearfully apprehensive, like ‘Thank God, it’s here.’ That’s not to say that the run up to it wasn’t brilliant, but playing Opus was really a way of him saying ‘I know you like this song a lot, and I’ve played it a million times and grown tired of it but here it is for you because I’m not so big that I believe I’ve already advanced away from it.’  It allowed the crowd to connect to Eric and his whole performance. Which was exquisite.

Armin is a Trance Lord. His set was like a beautiful tapestry with hints of the original Ibizan glory days. He didn’t try and upset anyone by blowing out some extreme new wave, self glorifying neuvo-trance set. He stuck to the original bases of what makes him one of the best, what makes his shows one of the best and what made Ushuaia full from the back to the front.

Yes, there were light shows and insane amounts of CO2 blasting from everywhere – but there is at every Ibiza headliner. What made this show stand apart from other was the total lack of esoteric content in his show. Everyone could watch it and hear it and be in awe. I saw 70 year olds and 18 year olds with their hands in the air. The same reason I loved this show is why some critics may look down on it, it made everyone happy.

Trance is such an apt way of describing this genre because it’s so beautifully combining and zombifying. Every crowd member becomes a moth to dance in and towards the light at this show.

I know this may sound all a bit too indulgent but so far Ushuaia hasn’t stepped a foot wrong, musically. An amazing Thursday night.

Check out Armin van Buuren’s return to Ushuaia Sunday 11th September for a special 7 hour solo set! Get your tickets here