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We discover Hunza bio cafe in San Antonio
8th August 2016 0 comments

Hunza is a little walk from the bustling and chaotic streets away from San Antonio. It’s pleasant, understated, open, cool and has that feel about it that makes you think that everything is going to be ok, despite whatever you did last night.Hunza Bio Cafe in Ibiza

We were not fresh when we came to check out the place. Ibiza had already started to bring us to our knees and the invitation was gratefully accepted.

We had juices filled with fresh coconut and Maracuya, I don’t even know what the latter is but it was delicious all the same, home made bread, free range eggs with bursting orange yolks and more fruity drinks.

For those who are scared to leave technology behind, there are multiple charging sockets and extremely fast Wifi.

At the moment, Hunza is ideal for those of us who want to step away from the madness and knuckle down and get things done. Or do nothing at al. It’s so spacious and time seems to roll by a lot more gently than the streets outside it. If you’re someone here on this Island and you need to just get your head above water for a second, Hunza is for you.

We expect great things for this quite eat and drinkery. Ibiza is quick to pounce on projects such as Hunza and turn them into busy bustling meeting stations, as much as I’m afraid for this place to become full to the brim with customers and for its image to change, when you deliver a product as good as Humza…it’s perhaps inevitable.

Make sure you visit Hunza Ibiza and discover this gem, download our app to gain full directions to the door!