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Review | Dizzie Rascal Rocks Ibiza Rocks
16th August 2016 0 comments

Wednesday nights in Ibiza will for some of us always mean a night at Ibiza Rocks Hotel in San Antonio watching the best in UK pop, garage and rock acts perform under the stars in a much more intimate setting than it’s other outdoor music venue peers Ushuaia and Destino. This last Wednesday brought UK rapper sensation Dizzie Rascal to our shores with his infectious stage presence and entourage of on stage DJ a co rapper/MC and singer Daniel Pearce who many recognise from his stint in UK boy and One True Voice..

Dizzie opened with Hype with his lyrics

‘Hype / Every time I’m around there’s a hype! / Touchdown and the crowd get’s hyped / Straight gassed, got the whole place hype…’ this artist knows how to get the crowd going and his lyrics couldn’t have been more apt,this track set the bar for the next 1.5 hour (more than usual for a headline) of ‘bangers’ that the is known for such as  ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’ ‘Heavy’, ‘Bassline Junkie’, and ‘Come And Dance With Me’ not one track didn’t get a huge reception but it was when he dropped ‘Holiday’ which centres on a trip Dizzie is making to ‘Ibeefa’ (as he pronounces it) that the crowd went wild for, with the accompanying fire show on stage and confetti cannons I felt like I was in Vegas, Dizzie definitely  brings the party to his shows.

One track that made us chuckle at CATI was ‘You’ve Got The Dirtee Love’ – Dizzee’s version of the Ibiza classic ‘You’ve got the love’

On the busiest week in ibiza you couldn’t have asked for a better act to keep the buzz of the long weekend of radio one events going, Dizzie also made an appearance at Cafe Mambo along with Craig David at the pop up beach party the previous Saturday. Proving UK garage and rap scene is well and truly alive home and away.

We left Ibiza Rocks and headed to Ibiza Rocks House a Pikes where reportedly the act and his band of support were staying, we managed a few hours in the karaoke hot tub and did see singer Daniel make an appearance, but no sign of Dizzie maybe he went to a club’ with ‘no entry fee, no need for ID security know me’ as referenced in ‘Holiday’
All in all a fabulous night as ever at Ibiza Rocks our most visited venue in San Antonio this season.