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Review | All Saints live at Ibiza Rocks
22nd August 2016 0 comments

So, going to see LIVE music in Ibiza? I welcomed the review chance with open arms.. I love live music, and I do wish there were more noted live gigs here on this lovely island. But I was  a little apprehensive about going to see The All Saints at Ibiza Rocks. I really, really wanted to Love it. Both the performance and the actual venue. Being an experienced clubber and “gigger” (is that a word?) Its easy for me to be disappointed if the event is not well run, has bad sound or, has  no thought into the musical aspect and performance side of the show. I see it all too often when a promoter just goes for the bums on seats and uses the cheap backing track option instead of live band, OR  the sound in the venue, is just not up to scratch- but thank god- All Saints @ Ibiza Rocks……… I LOVED this gig!!!!

I was an Ibiza Rocks virgin- I’d just never got round to going there. I’ve spent many years holidaying and working on this lovely White Isle but often at other parts of the island. I didn’t often go to the dreaded San An. But even going there I was pleasantly surprised. I was with a friend who knows the place like the back of his hand- so he was keen to show me the nice bits.

We started the night at Roof Top 9 at Ibiza Rocks Sol House annoyingly missing the sun set by a matter of minutes- but it was a beautiful starting place for the evening’s adventures. Rooftop 9 has stunning views across the bay and beyond and clear glass balcony which wraps around the whole of the roof top so not to obscure ANY of that view… very chill and cool and they are doing sunset DJ sessions throughout the summer, I will be going back there for sure.

Ibiza rocks is a hotel Hotel/live gig venue set up.. One of those ones where you don’t expect to get a lot of  sleep if you stayed there- you are living in the center of the party- you definitely wouldn’t be staying there for a chilled one.  People who stay in the hotel don’t  even have to leave their room balcony  for a gig  if they have booked around the main pool- as that is where the stage is set up. But you can also just go for the event. We had VIP tickets which gave access to a great view from a large stretch of balcony from the first floor with its own bar.


All Saints perforiming live at ibiza rocks
All Saints performing live at Ibiza rocks

My heart skipped a beat when my eyes swept the stage and saw actual proper  instruments on there !!- good start.

There was full Drum kit, a few keyboards , bass guitar, electric guitar….. and as they started…  It sounded bloody amazing!!!

The girls all looked super cool, very urban casual wear and all wearing their own particular persuasion of Adidas trainers ( I hear sponsorship deal!!).. They didn’t do any over the top dance moves, But their moves were all in keeping with the ambience of the performance and each  had their own brand of stage presence, each connected with the audience in their own way.

I loved the little extras the band brought to the show, which had been well thought through for maximum impact, with play arounds on tracks on a musical theme and song breakdowns to encourage audience participation.

But,  O My!!! Those drums sounded FAT!! Generally there was good sound coverage throughout the main area and if you kept to the main central area directly facing the stage you felt a great thump from those speakers all the way up from the pool to the stage, with the bass becoming more notable as you moved closer to the stage. I sounded crisp and clear and beefy.

The girls mainly stuck with the fave tracks, giving us just a few ideas of the new tracks on offer on the new EP (which were good actually) I didn’t realise how many words to the songs I actually knew ! They did a great cover of Bell Biv DeVoe ‘Poison’ too, and one of the girls wore a baseball jacket with “lady gang” printed on the back, which I liked alot.

The Crowd heartily sang along to ‘Never Ever’ and went nuts when it started, and a personal big thanks to the musical director who introduced some funky slap bass into that song for the show (I do love a bit of slap bass) There was a fabulous breakdown during this track too.

Over all, as I stated earlier. I Loved it!! The vibe was great, the girls on stage all looked like they were having a good time and there was a friendly, best mates type of body language between them. There was also a touching dedication of one of the tracks to a dear friend of the Appleton sisters Nicki Waterman, the fitness guru- who sadly lost her battle with cancer just last week.

They left us wanting more, playing out with Pure Shores ……

Catch those girls with there new EP out now ‘One Strike’. With Melanie Blatt (who lives in Ibiza) Natalie Appleton (sister no1), Shaznay Lewis (main song writer of group) and Nicole Appleton (now divorced from Liam Gallagher)

See them live… or see many other amazing acts at Ibiza Rocks!! I loved it. Quality Venue.

Me and my mate ended up at the infamous Pikes Hotel after the gig… but that’s another story for another time……….  😉

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