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Review | We go Blue at Ushuaia Beach Hotel
29th August 2016 0 comments

The club in Playa d’en Bossa ( Party town!!) has been rocking peoples worlds since 2011. After the beach clubs success of the open air beach club, and launching the careers of DJs such as Luciano and Sasha in to super stardom, Its place on the island has been set.. The venue now stands as The Ushuaia club ( the original beach hotel) and the Ushuaia tower, all with great view of the club and the stage (open air) from the rooms. It has won a vast list of awards both in music related and hotel hospitality/ facilities.

I walked in just as German producer Robin Schulz started to play. He played a variety crowd pleasers and old favorites and he obviously played that wave after wave track – that he remixed- I keep hearing that everywhere this season in Ibiza.

The venue is great and another one of those venue/event hotels. One of those ones where you don’t expect to get a lot of sleep if you stayed there-you are living in the center of the party.  It’s a massive site with the rooms wrapped around  a central  massive square with the huge stage set to one end by the restaurant— it must be crazy looking out to the restaurant to see that view.. I couldn’t get inside the restaurant to review what kind of sound you still heard- but it was pretty bass-ey .. I’d have been surprised if you didn’t get any bass rattle in there – that bass, courtesy of the rib and head shaking bass bins which were at least 20 ft tall !! THAT was a Big plus point in my book.

Blue Dancer at Ushuaia Ibiza
Blue Dancer at Ushuaia (Photo courtesy of Ushuaia)

Dry ice cannons were very welcome every now and again, and for stage entertainment (apart from the great lights and visuals) they offered blue woman hanging from perches and blue leotard-ed space age dancers. All female though.. Can we not have some eye candy for the ladies please chaps in future?? .. A nice blue, male 6 pack and blue biceps would have been good  to look at for sure, for me!!   -and it was 50/50 ratio on gender for audience.. I wonder if it was a man who booked those dancers ……?  lol.

The crowd was a variety of nationality’s- pretty usual for Ibiza and I would say mostly under 30.. Maybe under 25. But that figures due to the ages of the DJs But there are always an few exceptions…

I decided to ask a few of the party goers why they were here;

The fun French guys were very enthusiastic re the ‘blue’ night in general and how amazing it and the DJs always are. Another Ibiza resident-who was showing some of her Spanish friends from the mainland the clubs… ensured me – Ushuaia was the best!!!!

Well I guess for a super club, big in the game, you can’t argue with that-!!! It hosts all the big ones –

Hang on it’s, its was the next DJ,  The Crowd loving that last track- hanging over the front barrier., some hands in the air.. and then… ……….nothing………………………still nothing………….few chants………….claps………… no, no music.. It wasn’t the end- so what was going on??? A gap between dj sets??!!  Eh??  Surely not, then…… A lot of chanting ( I’m assuming they were saying get on with it) I do hope it was a technical hitch and not a performance management oversight because I hate stuff like that.  I would have had a trailer advert for Ushuaia or ‘Blue’ or something else set up ready in case of that eventuality- but not- nothing.. that’s rubbish!!– come on Ushuaia and Blue, think about your audience, always!!!!!!!

The silver lining to this situation came when it gave a chance for us all to hear a plane going over head to land and crowd welcomed them in with a massive cheer (This is an old space tradition – which is just over over the road, so it was actually lovely to see so many people doing that it warmed my heart and was very ‘Ibiza’)

Hooray Music…….!! So now it was the headliner Oliver Heldens, he was definitely a bit more old school-sounding and he does like to remix a dance

Oliver heldens performing at Ushuaia Ibiza
Oliver heldens taking control (Photo courtesy of Ushuaia)

favorite. He’s a  Dutch music producer from Rotterdam- and ranked no1 house dj by mix mag …. and just 21 years of age. He’s played internationally and rated by Tiesto and Pete Tong and has had a monthly residency on Radio 1 since January and now.. resident with Blue and Ushuaia, Ibiza ! Not bad for his age…

I enjoyed his set. He played his tech remix version of renegade master and sweet dreams Eurhythmics which he produced under his alias ‘Hi-Lo’.

Woo and that bass was rocking my world.. It was making everything vibrate!! I can usually be found by the speaker at a gig (ask anyone)… But woo, that bass was gooooooooood. Wob, wob.

I decided to leave the stage area and go for a little walk around. There are a few raised VIP areas staggered going backwards from the stage and pretty good sound coverage all-round on this massive site.  But I noticed the sound wasn’t as intense in those VIP areas. ( some people might like that, but I wouldn’t. **TOP TIP**- Go right the back, it’s a lot louder and there is a raised area. Its less crowded, has easy bar access (not busy) and good view the stage!! Result!!

Overall nice sets by both Helden and Schulz. Great, open air super-club venue (which finishes at 12 midnight due to noise restrictions) Great stage set up. Great bass and sound, overall. Nice vibe. Great lights and visuals. Good Job ‘Blue’ and Ushuaia (I will forgive you that silent part- just this once)

  • Oliver Heldens is back on 1st September for the closing party for ‘Blue’ at Ushuaia, for this season, don’t miss out!!

Line up for that is Oliver Heldens, Lost Frequencies, Feder, Klingande + Lovely Laura, Michael Calfan and Jonas Blue! Get your tickets here