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Review | DJ Mag 25th Birthday at Space Ibiza
8th July 2016 0 comments

DJ Mag 25th Birthday – Thursday 30th June 2016

After 25 years of success in the Music Industry, DJ Mag celebrated their Birthday this year at the infamous Space Ibiza, and what a party it was!..

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Crowd going wild at DJ Mags 25th anniversary at Space Ibiza
I was a bit apprehensive as I arrived at the club on my own, but it wasn’t long before I was greeted by fellow clubbers in the same position, who where there for a good time also. There was a warm feeling to the dance floor and the sense of community among people was electric. Something the dance scene seems to be lacking nowadays . . (You know what I mean that sense of togetherness as if we share a moment in time with each other, and the music.)

The night was filled with a nice mix of music from the sunset terrace blast of piano house playing a spicy rendition of Felix “Don’t You Want My Love” to the high octane tecky vibes that rolled through from the La Terraza. DJs on the night included Weiss, Blackhall & Bookless, Anja Schneider. Derrick May, James Zabiela and of course the DJ Mag All Stars, who certainly lived up to their all star name.

In the sunset terrace the famous planes passed overhead as partiers grooved along to some deep melodic beats, something that no other club on the island can offer, which makes it more bitter that Space will be closing its disco doors this October. It is sad to see such a big part of club culture end its legacy but I’m forever grateful to be part of it.

The energy on the night was amazing and the girl DJs seemed to be giving the guys a run for their money playing strong sets that seemed to bring people on a journey rather than merely bashing any two tracks together. The music was well thought out and I was especially taken by Anja Schneider’s techno set, which seems flawless to say the least.

The crowd seemed well educated as they whistled and whomped as each track was dropped, hands were flung in the air and the dance floor was filled with smiles and tapping toes.

Overall, it was evident from the night that each DJ played a special part in the celebration of DJ Mag’s Birthday extravaganza! From the music to the vibes I truly enjoyed myself, from start to finish, and heard some tracks that I will now spend my days trying to find the name of. The art of a true DJ is to always leave the dancefloor guessing and Space on Thursday night did just that.