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Ibiza – Romantic Break or Lads Holiday? CATI investigates
2nd July 2016 0 comments

Best to kick the whole thing off by saying that pretty much wherever you go in Europe, you’re probably going to run into a few ‘lads’ who got lost on their way to Magaluf and ended up op on the wrong island in the med, it happens.

Ibiza does have stag parties, and hen parties as well. If you’re looking for a last blow out in the party capital of the world, then Ibiza is definitely going to be at the top of the list. The thing is though, Ibiza really is a tale of two cities and when it comes to stags and hens…and avoiding them, it can be as simple as switching locations.

The infamous West End has many qualities. It’s somewhere you can go and feel like you’re on a strip in a UK city. It’s homely because there are drinks deals, free shots, scantily dressed people and a variety of different locations you can go and write yourself off for next to nothing. With this reputation, you are always going to bump into large parties as it caters for all, it’s like any other late teens to late twenties jaunt.

It is not for the romantics out there.

I’d go as far as to say that almost every other place on the island is suitable for a pleasant romantic getaway.

Sunset viewed from Cafe Del Mar
Sunset viewed from Cafe Del Mar, Ibiza

Within a mile of the West End, Sunset Strip awaits you with Café Mambo and the beautiful Ibiza sun dropping over the planet’s edge on a daily basis. The walk along the strip is miles apart from the West End, despite it being such a short walk away. Couples walk hand in hand, groups of people are laughing and joking as opposed to shouting and screaming and the temperament is ideal for a bit of romance.

When you have to pay over 50 Euros to get into certain locations, it takes away the impetus, perhaps the finances, to drink yourself stupid. What this brings is a clientele that makes it entirely acceptable for couples to flourish and rave together! Playa d’en Bossa is home to some of the most expensive and lavish superclubs in the entire world, their reputations come from creating a place that caters for everyone, romantics and stags alike.

Let’s not forget that taking yourself away from club-goers and stags altogether is incredibly easy. The smartest of hotels allow day visits to sit and lounge by the pool, there are infinite beaches with white sands, walks along the coastline are easy and renting a car is very, very doable and affordable.

Ibiza is Romantic. Romance itself comes from the way you approach something as much as anything. I think people who pigeonhole Ibiza as a place for chaos and destruction will lose out hugely. There are couples who spend entire summers on the white isle and don’t set foot in a club, whilst there are hen do’s who won’t step foot outside of the West End. CATI bangs on about how important it is for people to see the extent of Ibiza and what it has to offer, it can cater for everything – you just have to look in the right places.